Case Study Interpersonal Effectiveness (Guru Greg) V12

3. Highlight the instances along with its consequences which led to the destruction of interpersonal

effectiveness in the Indian cricket team?

4. If faced with a similar situation like that of Chappell, how would you avoid the rebellions in the

team and ensure interpersonal effectiveness among team members, despite all the criticism and

conflicts within the team?

5. Experts felt that Guru Greg’s coaching philosophy was not in sync with Indian mindset and he

never tried to adjust it according to Indian culture. How does culture play an important role in

ensuring interpersonal effectiveness within the team? What are the various steps that manager

should take to build interpersonal relations within the team?

6. Managing the conflicts successfully is an essential ingredient of interpersonal effectiveness. How

do you think the following conflict situations could have been handled better by the concerned


 Ganguly – When questioned by media, if asked to resign from the captaincy

 Chappell - Accusations against Ganguly

 Harbhajan – Supporting Ganguly and criticising Chappell in public

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