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Which product would you like to try? Compare FlippingBook Publisher and FlippingBook Online to see which product will be better for you.

Desktop software FlippingBook Publisher Desktop software for creating powerful online publications. Advanced design and interface-tuning options, self-hosted.

Web service FlippingBook Online Web service for creating online documents quickly and effortlessly. Basic design and branding options, cloud-hosted.

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Quick way to choose See which option is right for you Let us help. Are any of the statements below true for you? Click on them to discover immediately which product best suits your needs. I have a Mac. Go for ​ ​ FlippingBook Online ​ . It works in the browser, unlike FlippingBook Publisher, which is desktop software for Windows only. I need to manage my documents from different locations: office, home, business trips. We recommend FlippingBook Online. As this is web-based, you can access it from any computer, anywhere in the world. All the editing and updating can be done in the browser, so you are not tied to a specific workplace.

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