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Greetings: Thank you for your interest in V\Y WH[LU[WLUKPUN Learn OnDemand Ž products from Presentation Systems South. We have been dedicated to assisting educators and students[V achieve success with our education technology products forV]LY 20 years. Our goal is to enable you to INSTRUCT INFORM HUKINSPIRE™ your students, faculty, and staff through the use of our innovative technology solutions for your classrooms and throughout your school.6\YWYVK\J[ZJVTL^P[OHPUK\Z[Y`L_JS\ZP]L KH` TVUL`IHJR N\HYHU[LL Our Learn OnDemand line of products are designed to enable your teachers and staff to quickly and easily create classroom and school wide visuals to enhance and simplify your goals of reaching students in an engaging atmosphere. We are dedicated to helping you improve student achievement. As our technology solutions and innovations continue to evolve, we are committed to the single mission of helping you achieve your goals as an educator. Our current innovative solution projects include matching our product output to Common Core Standards, providing lesson plans correlating to these standards, and a quick and easy way to teach to global happenings – current events. We welcome your valued input and suggestions as we continue our efforts to offer quality educational tools.

On behalf of Presentation Systems South we thank you for your continued support. We are proud to support you in your journey to academic excellence in your school.


Randy Hobart Randy Hobart President

Presentation Systems South, Inc.

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