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Did you know that over 80% of people across the world will suffer an episode of back pain at some point in their l ifet ime? If you are suffering from back pain or sciatica, you know how hindering it can be. (continued inside)



Struggling With Sciatica Pain? Feel Better With Physical Therapy!

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Common sciatica symptoms: The sciatica symptoms reported from patients tend to vary. Some may experience a deep ache in the buttocks, while others experience a severe pain radiating down one of their legs. It is also possible to feel a tingling or numbness in the back of the leg, calf, or foot. If left too long without proper treatment, irritation can become more severe and affect the strength of your leg muscles. Common sciatica treatment: The safest, easiest, and most effective mode of sciatica treatment is through physical therapy. Physical therapy examines the root cause of pressure on the nerve and works to quickly alleviate that pressure. Our licensed physical therapists will analyze the movements of the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve, in addition to the back and hip joints. They will design an individualized treatment plan based on the specific needs of each patient, in order to strengthen the affected muscles, improve joint flexibility, and prevent problems from occurring again in the future.

With chronic back pain, radiating leg pain, or stinging sensations across the sciatic nerve, it can be difficult to live your life to the fullest. If you find yourself in pain when bending down, standing up, or lifting objects, it’s time to see a physical therapist. At Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center, we are fully equipped to treat any back pain you may be experiencing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out more about how our services can benefit you! The differences between back pain and sciatica: It can be difficult sometimes to determine the differences between general back pain and sciatica. Sciatica is a specific type of back pain that is caused by a compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. Your sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body – it is approximately 2 centimeters wide, extending all the way down your back, your buttocks, underneath the piriformis muscle, and to the backs of your legs and your feet. It is made up of several nerves that exit your lower back from the lumbar and sacral levels (L4-S3), transmitting sensation and muscle control. Common culprits of sciatica development include weakness in the gluteal muscles or tightness in the piriformis muscle, as they can compress and irritate the sciatic nerve.


Tips For Sciatica Relief

There are some tips you can follow to relieve your sciatica pain on your own. These can be done before coming in for treatments, or in tandem with your physical therapy treatments: • Performing gentle stretching exercises. • Avoiding prolonged sitting. Make sure to get up every 30 minutes and change positions frequently. • Putting a pillow behind your knees when sleeping on your back or between your knees when sleeping on your side. • Using your legs to bend down when picking up objects off the floor, rather than using your back. • Alternating ice and heat on the buttock to reduce inflammation. • Asking your doctor about coming to physical therapy, or giving us a call. • How successful is physical therapy for back pain? A study found in the medical journal SPINE proves both the physical and monetary benefits to treating back pain and sciatica with physical therapy. It demonstrates that when doctors refer their patients for physical therapy treatments early on in the diagnosis, their patients have shown significant improvement and lowered treatment costs. In this study, patients saved an average of $2736.36 for their low back pain treatment simply by being referred to a physical therapist in the beginning.

If you are suffering with back pain or sciatica, consult with your doctor about physical therapy treatments, or contact our office to learn more about how you could benefit. At Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center, we aim for speedy and effective recoveries at low costs. Don’t live with back pain any longer – stand taller with physical therapy. Source: Primary Care Referral of Patients With Low Back Pain to Physical Therapy: Impact on Future Health Care Utilization and Costs Fritz, Julie M. PT, PhD, ATC*; Childs, John D. PT, PhD†; Wainner, Robert S. PT, PhD‡; Flynn, Timothy W. PT, PhD§ Spine: 01 December 2012 - Volume 37 - Issue 25 - p 2114–2121

Try this stretch if you are experiencing back pain. Relieve Pain In Minutes:

Relieves Lower Back Pain


QUAD STRETCH PRONE Lie on stomach. Hold ankle with hand. Gently pull ankle toward the buttock. You should feel a stretch in the front of your thigh. Repeat as needed. Helps with lower back pain

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We are invested in your health and we want to bring true value to you and your family. We are introducing a series of FREE live educational workshops. Perhaps you have noticed on our Facebook page, we’ve been talking a lot about back pain & sciatica workshops. We are bringing you these workshops because we want to empower everyone to better understand what’s causing their pain and what they can do to help it.

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So What happens at the workshop?

- We will go over some of the most common myths and misconceptions about back pain and sciatica. - We teach you a sure-fire way to know if you can be helped by therapy, or if you might need surgery. - We’ll get you out of your seat (as tolerated) to try some testing, movements, and positions to help you understand what’s causing your pain. - There will be a demonstration to show you what hands-on manual therapy can do. - We’ ll also cover what permanent relief looks like without medications, injections or surgery.

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