WAPT: Herniated Discs


Anyonewho has been in the clinic on a Friday recently has been greeted by the smell of fresh baked cookies! Cookie Friday has become a welcomed tradition that we started about 2 months ago. Let’s be honest for amoment…it really started because I bought a new toaster oven for the staff break room. While I was unpacking it, I was hungry and decided that it was the perfect size to bake a small tray of cookies. A quick trip to the store later and the clinic smelled like freshchocolate chipcookies. OK…Another confession. Tami bakes the cookies. If you’ve spent any time in the clinic

you know thatTami wearsmany hats. I guess we can add a chef hat now. In fact, Tami even commissioned the making of homemade dough courtesy of her wonderful mother. So this isn’t store bought cookie dough. It’s homemade especially for us to sharewith you. Piqued your interest? Hungry now? Feel free to stop by any Friday for a cookie and cup of coffee. We’d love to see you and catch up over a fresh baked cookie! - Mike


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