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I pick her up and we go to Altitude Trampoline Park for an hour and a half. I’ll tell you, I am very tired when we get off the trampolines. It’s a workout! Speaking of staying healthy, we’ve been seeing a lot of illness going around — I just got over a cold myself. I’d recommend getting plenty of vitamin D, as it’s a key ingredient to good health. Really, everyone should be taking it this time of year because of the lack of sun. Studies are also showing that adjusting certain areas can stimulate the immune system. When the body is fighting musculoskeletal pain and discomfort, it can tax the immune system. Your body focuses energy on the pain and isn’t able to fight off illness and bacteria as well. An adjustment can be just what you need to get back to optimal health. I’m happy to talk with you more about how specific adjustments can promote your health.

The options for being active while having fun are limitless.

I recently had a conversation with a patient that got me thinking. “I really have to get to the gym more this year,” they said. The way they said it made me pause. “Do you like the gym?” I asked. “No, I don’t,” they admitted. From talking to my patients and friends, and from my own experience, not loving the gym is a common problem. Often, when we get into the mindset of New Year’s resolutions, our automatic response to the pressure of self-improvement is to drag ourselves to the gym even if we don’t enjoy it. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are not excited about it. Well, if not, what’s the point? What are you really after? I’d like to encourage you to do something you love to stay active and healthy. You’re going to find so much more success, and it will be much more sustainable for you. Toss out your idea of what fitness is — it doesn’t have to be pushing weights around or sitting on a machine for hours. There are so many options available: go outside and walk the Greenbelt, go snowshoeing, get a group together and go bowling.

I know that if I do the same workout days in a row, I get bored. I have to keep it fun. Recently, I got into Cyclebar classes at the Village in Meridian. I’d describe it as spin class on steroids. It’s a choreographed workout with everything from fast- paced cycling to movements that are more akin to strength training. Since we can rarely get on our mountain bikes this time of year, Cyclebar is a great option for keeping up the cardio. What I love about this class is the community; you’re working out with a group of hardworking individuals, and the instructors are very motivating. They never shame you; instead, they promote and build up each person in the class. The music is also super motivating. It’s not your typical spin class, to be sure. Breaking up the monotony of being a one-workout creature is key for me. If a workout gets boring, I need to mix it up and try something new. I like to get my daughter, Emerie, in on the fun when I can. About once a week,

Here’s to a happy and healthy February, and to finding workouts we love.

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