~Dual Comp Staff Provider Onboarding Binder 06.26.20

The University of Cincinnati is committed to providing a positive educational and work environment that recognizes and respects the rights and dignity of all students, faculty, and staff. Harassment of any form undermines this important commitment and is neither appropriate nor acceptable within the university community. In addition, the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act requires all schools that participates in federal financial assistance programs under Title IX to educate students, faculty and staff on preventing and responding to sexual assault, rape, acquaintance rape, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. HR Compliance Training Guide All new UC faculty, staff, and student workers will receive an email with directions on how to access the required courses from the SuccessFactors Learning platform. • The email will be from: University of Cincinnati uclearning@uc.edu • The email will include instructions to login to the SuccessFactors Learning platform. • The subject will be: University of Cincinnati Compliance Education • Email will include information to login and navigate to your assigned content.

Log In Information: 1. Navigate to SuccessFactors Learning :

• http://www.uc.edu/hr/tools/successfactors.html 2. Log in using your university username and university password. 3. Navigate to the “Learning” tile to access the Learning module. 4. In the “My Learning Assignment” tile, you will see the assigned compliance courses that are relevant to your role. 5. Courses are bookmarked if you need to stop and start again. 6. Firefox is the recommended platform for SuccessFactors Learning.

• Technical Issues inside of courses: LawRoom Help Desk: 800-652-9546 or admin@lawroom.com • SuccessFactors Learning Module Help: Contact the Staff Success Center at uclearning@uc.edu • Matter of Harassment of Discrimination: oeohelp@uc.edu • Data Security or Privacy Concerns: infosec@uc.edu • Additional Information: http://www.uc.edu/hr/ssc/hr-compliance-training.html

This table shows what new hire trainings are required for each employee type:

*Targeted Units pertain to units that are HIPAA or FERPA covered units. Please see your HR representative for details. Required Actions 15

*Updated 04/19/18

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