~Dual Comp Staff Provider Onboarding Binder 06.26.20

New Provider Compliance Training New UC Physicians Providers are required to complete compliance training courses within 30 days of their start date. Page 1 of this document provides the directions you need to get started. The additional pages provide tips for taking the courses. Log On

► To Login from inside the UC Health network 1. Open your web browser to the Intranet Sharepoint Home site. 2. Navigate to the my Knowledge link on the Associates drop down or Quick Links menu. 3. Press Enter . The Log On screen appears.

► To Login from outside of the UC Health network 1. Open your web browser to the UC Health.com home page. 2. Navigate to the bottom of the Home Page and click on Associates & Staff under Quick Links . 3. Click on my Knowledge. The Log on screen appears. You may start myKnowledge by going to the URL https://uchealth.sumtotal.host

4. In the Username field, type your Associate UserName. The my Knowledge username is the same UC Health username and password you already use for Epic, e-mail or computer login. 5. In the Password field, type your password. If you forget your password, contact the UC Health Service Desk at 585-MYPC (6972). 6. Click Log On .

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