~Dual Comp Staff Provider Onboarding Binder 06.26.20


Fidelity Investments – 1-800-343-0860 www.netbenefits.com/ucp (microsite) Contact – Mike Fischer 859-240-0939 or mike.fischer@fmr.com Wealth Management Consultant --Scott Noelcke 513-379-4344 Scott.Noelcke@fmr.com TIAA - 1-800-842-2273 http://www.tiaa.org or www.tiaa.org/ucp (microsite) Contact – Laura Maxwell 513-263-2825 lmaxwell@tiaa.org 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan • 8.5% (base) minimum employer contribution based on total compensation (maximum $285,000 salary - $24,225) in lieu of social security. • As part of the employee’s negotiated total compensation package, an additional 401(a) employer contribution (up to applicable legal limitations) may be made for the following - physicians, executive officers, clinical department administrators, and employees with a national provider identifier number. This additional employer contribution generally will not change during employment unless there is a significant reason for doing so, such as a significant reduction in the employee’s services. • Total 401(a) contributions (base and additional) cannot exceed total salary paid and current IRS limits of $57,000. • Investment Providers – Fidelity and TIAA, account is owned by employee. If an investment provider is not selected, the default is Fidelity. The employee may change their investment provider after initial selection. Quarterly administrative fees will apply and are subject to change. • In the event no investment funds are selected the default is Fidelity Freedom Funds or TIAA Lifecycle Funds. • The participant is eligible for distribution of funds at termination of employment or upon reaching the age of 65 while still employed. Distributed funds may generally be rolled over to another retirement arrangement. A distribution received by the employee and not rolled over is taxable and the 10% early distribution penalty may also apply. Subject to required minimum distribution, normally at age 70 ½. • Hardship withdrawals allowed. Loans are not allowed. UC Physicians processes Fidelity hardship withdrawals. TIAA processes hardship withdrawals. • Beneficiary Designation: The employee must designate a beneficiary for the distribution of retirement account balances upon their death by contacting Fidelity or TIAA. Online beneficiary designation is available with TIAA. Any beneficiary may be selected with no spousal waiver required. If no beneficiary is selected the default for all plans is 100% spouse (if applicable) then 100% to estate. • At termination of employment you are eligible to elect a distribution of your funds. If your account balance (excluding rollovers) is $1,000 or less per retirement vendor and plan account, an automatic distribution will occur during the first quarter following the year of termination

Revised 2/11/2020

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