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How to Access Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service (ESS) is the University’s employee website where you complete tasks such as enrolling in UC benefits, set up direct deposit, enroll in life insurance, view pay stubs, and request time off. > View a short ESS E-Learning at: https://tinyurl.com/ucesselearning < Step 1: Update Your Central Login Account Step 2: Navigate to UC Flex/ESS

Your first step as a new employee is to update your central login information. You will use these credentials to login to most UC platforms. 1. Navigate to: https://uc.teamdynamix.com/tdclient/home/ a. You can also search “IT” in the search bar located on www.uc.edu. 2. Click on Reset/Change My Password 3. This will open the password self-service page. Log in using your username and password provided in the bottom left corner of this document. This password can only be used 5 times. Follow the on-screen prompts to update your password. If you have any problems, call the UC Help Desk at (513) 556-4357.

Employee Self-Service is located in UC Flex. To view ESS, you need to navigate to the UC Flex log-in page which is accessed from the www.uc.edu homepage. First, navigate to www.uc.edu. 1. Scroll to the very bottom of the homepage. 2. Select the text “UC Flex/ESS.” 3. This will open the UC Flex home page. Enter in your newly updated central login username and password and click “Log On.”

Step 3: Navigate to Employee Self-Service

Step 4: Employee Self Service Overview

The Employee Self Services Home Page is divided into four sections. 1. Benefits: Display the plans in which you are currently enrolled or enroll in new benefit plans. (See next page for more details) 2. Personal Information: Manage your addresses, gender, race, ethnicity, veteran status, disability self-disclosure, bank information, and information about family members, dependents, and beneficiaries. You must add your dependents to Personal Information PRIOR to being able to enroll them in the University’s benefit plans. 3. Your Pay Statement: View your pay statement and register to receive your W2 online. 4. Your Time Off From Work Request: Request time off from work.

After logging in, the UC Flex home page will display. UC Flex is the UC employee portal that houses different University functions that will vary from position to position. 1. Click the ESS (Employee Self-Service) tab on the menu bar.

Name: Courtney Username: BOCKRACY *Temporary Password: Uc!mmddyyyy *Enter your birthday month, day, and year in place of mmddyyyy above

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