HSDC Havant & South Downs Adult/Part Time Courses 2021/2022

PROFESSIONAL BODY MEMBERSHIP Courses leading to a professional qualification require students to register with the professional body. Any costs, including annual subscriptions, are payable directly to the professional body by the student and will be discussed at the start of the course. FEES PAID BY AN EMPLOYER OR OTHER ORGANISATIONS A learner may have made an agreement for course and other fees to be paid by their employer. This is an agreement made between those two parties. Where it has been confirmed as part of the enrolment process that the fees for the learner are to be paid by a sponsor or an employer, then formal and written confirmation of this must be submitted to the College. If you require the fee authorisation form, email admissions@hsdc.ac.uk to request a copy.

The College must receive the signed fee authorisation form or a purchase order at the point of enrolment, otherwise the learner will be asked to pay the full fees due. It is also important to note that if you (as the student) withdraws from the course, the employer will still be responsible for payment of the course fees due. OVERSEAS Have you lived outside of the UK at any time during the last three years? If so, please contact our International Team: international@hsdc.ac.uk Mobile WhatsApp: +44 7702 88 5211 / 023 9387 9999 ext. 4084 for

further details. INSTALMENTS

Courses with a fee in excess of £600 can be paid in instalments. For more information please contact Finance - finance@hsdc.ac.uk or 023 9279 7991

At Havant, South Downs and Alton campuses, we have a range of different facilities for hire. We have a selection of specialist rooms and facilities to suit our community’s needs – find out more at hsdc.ac.uk/community-hire


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