May 2024

TEXARKANA MAGAZINE T hose in Miller, Bowie, and Hempstead counties who know Julia Peck Mobley, think of her as a savvy businesswoman, tough-as- nails, with a no-nonsense mindset. After all, Julia was once the single shareholder of Commercial National Bank (CNB), the reigns of which her father, George Peck, passed to her during an era when having a female bank CEO and chairman of the board was unheard of. Julia established herself in a male- dominated profession as she took on her father’s philosophy that aligned the banking profession with sales. Her dad once said, “I have been buying and selling most of my life. Now, I am just buying and selling money.” Once, after being asked by a male colleague to serve as secretary during a bank meeting, Julia quipped, “I don’t take notes, and I don’t do windows.” However, beneath the tough exterior, there is a loving, caring, compassionate mother, grandmother, friend, and community servant. Julia is proud of all three of her children, Helen, Matthew, and Philip. She lights up when she talks about her grandchildren and beams with happiness as she shares experiences and tales of spending time with family. Helen and Matthew have each found their own pathways to success, and Philip took over as CEO of the bank five years ago. Julia and her three children remain the sole shareholders of the bank, and she has embraced the transition with all the poise and grace one would expect. “Just as my dad’s era was gone when I took over, my era has retired. It’s Philip’s era now. He does a fine job of running our family’s business and is a young, dedicated professional. He feels the weight of the responsibility he carries. He works in his grandfather’s office and sits in his grandfather’s chair.” Philip still seeks guidance from his mom and values her opinion. “I seek her advice all the time,” he said. “Julia has seen it all…she is extremely sharp, and she’s got an uncanny ability to read people.” He knows it was his

to improvement, and have a strong sense of responsibility to our community. We have been successful for the last 60 years because we have a great team, work hard, and put our customers first.” They both believe wholeheartedly that the bank is only as strong as its employees, which they refer to as their “bank family,” and Julia’s position as matriarch extends beyond the Mobley family to include the Commercial National Bank family as well. She speaks fondly of the employees, and her pride in their accomplishments parallels her pride in her own family. Most of the bank employees have experienced a long tenure with CNB and appreciate the investment the bank has made in them. Sandra Maroon, Executive Vice President, eloquently expresses her admiration for Julia after working at CNB for 25 years. “She is a wonderful boss, and she cares about her employees. She has always made me feel welcome and appreciated. It has truly been a blessing to work for her and her family.” CNB Senior Vice President Debra Moore had this to say about her, “Julia Mobley is well known as a savvy businesswoman. I have admired her for many years. She is respected for her vast banking expertise. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Julia while playing a game of dominos. I learned she is very fun and competitive. I was so fortunate to begin working at her family bank about 15 years ago. It is amazing how she has made an atmosphere of family at a workplace. Everyone really cares about each other, and that started at the top. Julia always asks about family and really cares! She is a treasured friend and colleague.” Julia, Philip, and their employees certainly seem to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to taking care of the community and each other. Philip explains, “Texarkana is, and has always been, our home, so we care about our community and are very grateful for its support and trust over 60 years. We do all we can to support

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mom’s core values and influence, along with his educational and professional experiences, that prepared him to lead the bank. “I grew up in the bank, so I really wanted to come home to Texarkana to start a family, work in our community, and support our family’s business,” Philip said. Julia was confident when Philip felt it was time to come home, he could help grow the bank. Both Julia and Philip agree, “We have a relentless commitment

our community, and our employees do too.” He goes on to say, “trust, fairness, and treating people with respect are the keys. We live by our core values, love helping people, and love what we do.” It is clear these values are lived out, not only in the Mobley family but in the CNB family as well. It certainly explains how the bank has stood the test of time and is currently celebrating its sixtieth anniversary. George Peck knew what he was doing when



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