May 2024


The Mobley family (L-R) Richard Seymour, Amelia Mobley, Helen Mobley, Madeleine Mobley, Julia Mobley, Matthew Mobley, Mary Elizabeth Mobley, Margaret Mobley, Philip Mobley, and William Mobley

The CNB Way… OUR MISSION Improve, empower, and serve our community’s financial needs. We are friends and family serving our friends and family. OUR VISION Growing lifelong customer relationships by providing excellent customer service, offering exceptional financial solutions, while guiding financial success through every stage in life. OUR CORE VALUES We believe our core values are the reason we can accomplish our vision and mission in our community. Our goal is to earn your trust and respect and never stop improving.

he handed off the business to Julia in 1984. One of Julia’s protégés, Sonja Yates Hubbard, reinforces the values Julia lives every day. “Julia Mobley is one of those special women who has been truly committed to lifting other women up. She did that with me. It is because of her recommendation that I had the unique opportunity to serve on the Federal Reserve Board of St. Louis, as well as the Little Rock branch. She made a name for herself in banking by serving as the Democratic chairwoman for the state of Arkansas in an era when women were known as ‘Mrs. Dude’s Name’ instead of having their own identity. Julia paved the way by creating opportunities we all take for granted. I personally owe her a debt of gratitude, and she has my continued admiration and respect.” Julia is confident, calm, and oh-so wise. She is strong, direct, and very content with her life. She enjoys reading, traveling, playing bridge with her bridge group, and spending time with family and friends. She is pleased with her children and knows her legacy, and the legacy of her father, is in excellent hands. And who knows? Maybe someday she’ll get to see one of her grandkids take over the bank. “I’d love to see that happen one day,” she said. “We’ll see.” During this month of May, as we honor our mothers, we will count Julia among the very best. Thank you to Julia and all the mothers who spend their lives lifting others up and making the world a caring, trusting, challenging, and beautiful place to live and grow.



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