May 2024



REVIEW BY LESLI FLOWERS T his May marks 25 years since I graduated from Texas High School. It’s around this time of year that I like to offer suggestions for books that will inspire and motivate our budding graduates. When I graduated high school, the book of choice for gifting was Chicken Soup for the Soul . I believe I had multiple iterations of that book; I had one for my teenage soul, my graduate soul, and my ordinary soul. For this graduation season, I want to spotlight my fellow Texas High alum and his memoir/leadership principles book that will sincerely make a fantastic gift to any graduate or person dedicated to pursuing lifelong excellence. If you reflect back on the March issue of Texarkana Magazine , you will recall Gary Kusin, who has a captivating life story to tell. I was offered the chance to read an early release copy of Always Learning , and I can authentically and whole-heartedly recommend this world-class book to each of you. I would not consider myself an expert, but I have read many memoirs (my preferred genre) and business leadership books (thanks to 20 years at Chick-fil-A), and what Kusin has provided, I can assert with confidence, will be a guidepost for many. I abandoned my family and devoured this book in a little over a day. Kusin writes like he speaks, meaning he knows how to tell a story that is interesting to read and one that also keeps you curious for more.



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