May 2024


Architectural Buildings, cityscapes, and/or landscapes; construction elements, architectural features, and facades in the Texarkana area.

Perspective Events, objects, locales, peoples, or activities in the Texarkana area that convey a sense of place.

Winner “The Monochrome Crossing” by Bryant Allen

Winner “Golden Hour Union” by Katelyn Peek

INSPIRATION One day, I saw this picture while driving. I take mental pictures when I drive. It helps me see the beauty in everything. This picture got me thinking about protection. Some beautiful, kind human designed this because they wanted to protect their fellow humans. That was a cool thought, so it deserved to be preserved in photo form.

INSPIRATION I’m always drawn to the historical charm our train station has and love to imagine the liveliness it once possessed. This sunset took my breath away for a moment, and a quick snap, just for me, after a session turned out to fit the mood of this category perfectly.

NAME Bryant Allen AGE 38 DAY JOB Heat It Up Owner and Bubba’s 33 Kitchen Manager CAMERA Sony A7RV

NAME Katelyn Peek AGE 31

DAY JOB Full-Time Homeschool Mom, Part-Time Photography and Marketing CAMERA My personal camera is a Canon 6D Mark II, but lately, I have developed a love for anything film.



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