May 2024


multicolor basket-weave runner, and each spindle has been creatively accented at the base with Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green, which has become a bit of a signature tone throughout the house. In the dining room her designer, Jason Jones of Jase Jones and Associates of Dallas, continues the tranquil color scheme by using the Halcyon Green again, this time to accent the ceiling. He then pulled shades of blue and green throughout the space by using a variety of fabrics and wallpapers. The soothing pallet was the perfect choice for Conway’s house because it allowed Jones to keep a lot of her existing furniture, while simultaneously making the pieces feel new. The light and airy quality of the color scheme provides the perfect background to the dark case goods that Conway brought from her old house. Instead of ornate and moody, the pieces add visual grounding and warmth to each space. “I’ve worked with [Jones] over the past ten to twelve years. This is mostly furniture from my other house. He recovered everything and got me a new color scheme. That’s not really what I thought I wanted. I really wanted to start fresh. I was just sad about so many things at the time, and I really didn’t think it was



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