May 2024


a small room underneath her stairs, and I knew my grandchildren would love this room. We picked out this wallpaper called Critters. Jones said, ‘I think this is really fun,’ and I said, ‘I think so too.’ And when Conway (Jeanie’s granddaughter) was just walking, she’d come in here and point and we’d talk about the color or the insect. My grandchildren just love this little bathroom.” One area of the house that received a lot of updating was the kitchen. The previous owner had the space divided between a kitchen with a built-in banquette and a sunroom. Conway removed the wall that separated the two spaces to open it up into one large room. She also removed the peninsula and a small island, opting for a larger island in its place. The new island has also been painted Halcyon Green and features a beautiful quartzite countertop in varying shades of soft green. Above the island hangs three green lantern-shaped lights accented in gold. On the ceiling is a green and white trellis wallpaper that subtly brings the outside in and brightens up the space. The second area that underwent significant updates was the primary suite. Previously, the walk-in closet was narrow and dark, making it feel congested. Jones created a design that opened the closet, master bathroom, and a small desk area that had originally been accessible through the adjacent laundry room and created one large, luxurious room. By thinking outside the box, Jones, along with Nashville, Arkansas based contractor Greg Furr, was able to give Conway ample hanging space and, overall, a more functional suite. The new configuration is spacious and easily accessible. It also allowed room for an oversized island. The island, topped in unique marble with streaks of purples and burgundies, accentuates the openness of the new bathroom and creates a stunning focal point. In the backyard, Conway worked with Dana Cox to update the pool area. “The pool was already a pretty shape and had a waterfall, but I didn’t want it more than five feet deep. So Dana drained it, made it more shallow, and resurfaced the inside. He also added some new coping and tile,” she said. In addition to the pool changes, they freshened up the outside surfaces and



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