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Cyberclean Systems is a national Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) integration company Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer Partners with Cyberclean Systems in Pilot Project R

technologies and growing, and has the inherent capabilities to fully support AMRs for industry leaders. The goals of the pilot project are to: 1. Evaluate the use of SmartGuard UV robot for fully autonomous on-site dis- infection processes. 2. Evaluate SoftBank Ro- botics Whiz for vacuuming of common areas and hallways to improve cleaning quality, occupant safety and identify potential labor savings. 3. Evaluate deploying the SmartGuard UV fan for small- er confined areas like confer - ence rooms. Olivia Garber, CAM , a 2019 graduate from Virginia Tech’s property management major and a commercial port- folio manager with Thalhimer, describes how she envisions technology, and the role ro- botics will play in the future. “One of the many things that attracted me to working in the property management in- dustry is that at its core, it’s a people centered business. We work with clients, tenants and vendors daily to ensure the smooth operation of each in- dividual asset. As technology continues to improve, so does our ability to serve our ten- ants and our clients. Adapt- ing to advances in technology allows more of our energy as property managers to be put towards building those criti- cal relationships that are the foundation of our business.” Richard Ward , VP and chief technology officer, Cy - berclean Systems said, “Cy- berclean Systems is very excited to be working with Cushman &Wakefield | Thal - himer to evaluate the use of mobile robots and automation, in general, for cleaning and disinfecting commercial facili- ties. Combining the industry leadership and experience of Thalhimer with Cyberclean's deep understanding of au- tomation is a perfect fit for us. The initial pilot program at Thalhimer's headquarters will utilize robot vacuums, UV disinfection robots, state-of- the-art UV fans and real-time reporting via the cloud to vali- date services. These new and innovative approaches will be compared against traditional processes with the objective of establishing new standards of cleanliness and safety within a facility." MAREJ

ICHMOND, VA — Cushman & Wake- field | Thalhimer has partnered with Cyber- clean Systems in a pilot proj- ect for their new mobile ro- botics technology system. For over a century, Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer has remained a forward-thinking firm, exploring new ways to operate and manage buildings by continuing to discover new technologies, processes, and further develop metrics to become even more efficient, while finding cost-effective ways to benefit our clients, tenants, guests, and build-

Shown from left: Coleman Epps, Sean O-Grady, Sean Greer, Josh Bowers, Richard Ward and Andrew Clary with Cyberclean Systems.

Shown from left: Josh Bowers, Cyberclean Systems, Olivia Garber, Thalhimer, and Andrew Clary, Cyberclean Systems.

fortune 100 companies. Cy- berclean is the only company in the U.S. whose knowledge and expertise crosses eight

bile robotics since 1983, with over 1,000 mobile robot de- ployments in 2020 for major

ing occupants. Cyberclean Systems is a pioneer in mo-

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