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09 .2019

A Bright Future Ahead

For Phillips and Blow

After seeing this newsletter, you might be thinking “why the name change?” Since opening our doors in 1993, our firm has been called JR Phillips & Assoc. PC. JR Phillips and Associates was founded by John Phillips after working for a number of businesses in high tech and international industries. John soon found that a life of constant travel between the United States and Europe was not conducive to raising three kids with his wife, and he eventually settled in Denver and started his firm. Even after 25 years, the firm still continues to grow, and Justin Blow is an indicator of that. Now, we’re Phillips & Blow PC. The change in name does not reflect any actual change in our firm, but it does reflect our desire to plan for the firm’s continuity. Justin is a bright young lawyer who has proven his potential within the firm during the five years he’s been with us, and we thought it was time our name reflected that. When he was younger, Justin wanted to pursue a career in law because his father was an attorney. After he decided to attend law school, his wife, a native, convinced Justin to move to Colorado and attend the University of Denver so she could show him the state she loved so much. After law school though, Justin knew he wanted to learn more from his dad so he and his wife moved to Florida where he not only gained experience working with his father, but also welcomed his son, Maddox, into the world. Justin believes Colorado was meant to be his home (when he’s not on a sailboat), and he and his family moved back to Denver, where they now spend their weekends camping, jeeping, and rafting in the mountains.

in helping people avoid future legal problems and understand the frustration that comes watching families tear themselves apart over money. It’s that compassion for others that really sets Phillips & Blow apart from other estate planning attorneys. Successful estate planning attorneys need to be proficient in three areas: technical procedures, educating clients on their options, and counseling them through what could be the most difficult time of their life. Many estate planning attorneys are only proficient in the first area, knowing how to take clients through the motions — but they don’t make any effort to understand each clients’ unique situation. At Phillips & Blow, we strive to excel in both the technical side of things as well as the emotional and psychological aspects. We serve many of our clients for generations, and Justin’s presence here allows us to continue to assist future generations. 1 – John Phillips and Justin Blow 303-741-2400

After years of defending people from the full weight of an often-unjust justice system, Justin decided it was time for a change of pace. Estate planning and probate appealed to him because he wanted to practice an area of law that helped people prepare for, and deal with, the unexpected. He impressed John and his associates with his capacity for quick learning and compassion for people — both of which set him up for success as an estate planning attorney. Both he and John take a lot of pride “AT PHILLIPS & BLOW, WE STRIVE TO EXCEL IN BOTH THE TECHNICAL SIDE OF THINGS AS WELL AS THE EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS. WE SERVE MANY OF OUR CLIENTS FOR GENERATIONS, AND JUSTIN’S PRESENCE HERE ALLOWS US TO CONTINUE TO ASSIST FUTURE GENERATIONS.”

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