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November 2019

The Heart of the Firm Honoring the Dedication of My Employees

For the past fewmonths, you have allowedme to share many stories about my family that shaped my life andmy work andmade me into the man I am today. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the family at the office that motivates me to be a better attorney and actively helps me get there: my team, Fonia, Katie, Tammy, and Christie. I would be lost without the four women I’m lucky enough to employ. I always joke that if they ever leave me, I amgoing to have to go with them. They effortlessly do their jobs, make my work seamless, and best of all, show compassion for each one of our clients. I’ll start with our Director of First Impressions, Tammy. Tammy has been with our team for the past two years, and in that time, she has brought a calming influence to our office and clients. She has this amazing ability to help clients find peace, even in the middle of major life changes or traumatic losses. In addition, Tammy ensures our meeting rooms are stocked with coffee and refreshments. For both office efficiency andmy personal sanity, she manages our office calendar and schedules. I tried tomanage the calendar years ago, and I was just blowing it up. Tammy makes it look easy. Our office is also home to the best paralegal in the state of Georgia, and I can say that with confidence. Fonia was actually one of my first students in the paralegal programduringmy current tenure as an adjunct faculty member at

the University of North Georgia in Gainesville. Fonia has been with our team for the past seven years, and, when she stepped into her role, she took over Medicaid applications and working with both the government and nursing homes without an issue. In fact, whenmany clients, nursing home personnel, and caseworkers call regarding these issues, they know Fonia is our go-to person in the office. For Fonia, our clients and their concerns are a matter of the heart. She is“hearts-on”and “hands-on”with every client she meets. I knowmy clients are in the best hands with Fonia. I often say that Fonia is my right hand, and Katie is my other right hand. Katie, our legal assistant, has been with our team almost as long as Fonia has been. Before I can even think of tasks that we need to get done, Katie has already done them. She assists with document production, manages the trust deeds, coordinates events, gets client address and email lists compiled, and helps with this very newsletter. When I want a breakdown of our elder law, estate planning, and special needs cases, she already has that breakdown ready for me. Katie is very organized—she has a spreadsheet for everything, including a spreadsheet to keep up with her spreadsheets. Katie simply understands what I need even before I do. My longest tenured teammember, Christie, keeps our lights on and the office running. Christie has managedmy books and accounts for the past eight years. Without her, our operation wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does. Christie not only helps my office run efficiently, but she also runs a catering business for a local restaurant and even offers her delicious food for every event we host. Of course, I can’t thank a friend of the firm, Amber, enough for all she does for us and events like this, too. Amber is the assistant of Gary Anderson, the financial planner we share an office with, and despite not“technically”being an employee,

Amber is always willing to jump in and help where she can.

Together, my teamof dedicated employees worked diligently to ensure our everydays around the office happen without a hitch. I’mproud of the teamwho represent my elder law and estate planning practice. I would be lost without their heart, dedication, and integrity to doing the best we can for our clients.

Thank you does not seem adequate enough – but here goes.

Thank you, Tammy, Fonia, Katie, Christie, and Amber. | 1 -J. Kevin Tharpe

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