King's Business - 1911-09


The following books and booklets combating the subjects of _ Millenial Dawnism and Christian Science will be found very help- • ful to every Christian who wishes to know how to deal intelligently | with these fads and fancies. Christian Science in the Light of Holy Scripture, Rev. I. M. Haldeman, D. D .;....„.......:„. f $1.50 The Antidote to Christian Science, James M. Gray .. 75 Religio-Medico Masquerade. A complete exposure of Christian Ccience, by Frederick W. Peabody, LL. B. of the Boston Bar : . : 1.00 Eddyism. Is It Christian—Is It Scientific? Charles E. Locke, Pastor of 1st M. E. Church, Los Angeles .10 Mental Assassination, or Christian Science. Haldeman .10 Millenial Dawnism. Haldeman. ••>. .^r^w -fffii ^jfetfBM^ .20 Russellism—What-Is It? W. Leon Tucker, Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, Cal .10 Seiss' Lectures on the Apocalypse. 3 Vols. Per set .._.. ....$2.50 Synthetic Studies on the Whole Bible. James M. Gray 1.50 Knowing the Scriptures. Dr. A. T. Pierson.......... .....-: 1.25 Study of the Parables. Ada Habershon .„.........._.:... . , ..„.::.. 1.50 Gospel of Matthew. An exposition by A. C. Gaebelein (2 Vols) 2.00 Four Portraits of the Lord Jesus Christ. George Soltau............... 1.00 Studies in the Mosaic Institutions. Moorehead 1.00 Inductive Studies in the Twelve Minor Prophets.. Wilbert W. White .50 Genesis in the Light of the New Testament. F. W. Grant......... .30 Practical Outline Study of the Four Gospels, Life of Christ, and Acts. Especially adapted to young people. Prof. H. M. Hamill, D. D. , .35 Galations. C. I. Scofield 'v.-' ' p 1 ; ,'.' , .15 Rightly Dividing the Word. C. I. Scofield 5 cents and .15 Dispensationally Seeing the Scriptures. Mrs. G. A. Neth 10 Lessons of the Ages. W. A. Mason, D. D : .10 BOOK ROOM, Bible Institute 260 - 264 South Main St., Los Angeles, Ca!. A SELECTION OF BOOKS DEALING WITH VARIOUS PHASES OF BIBLE STUDY.


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