Survey - Nurses in 2024 A Brief Check-in

Nurses in 2024 – A Brief Check-in

Introduction: Taking the Pulse Every other year, AMN Healthcare conducts a comprehensive national survey of registered nurses. In 2023, AMN Healthcare’s Survey of Registered Nurses polled over 800,000 nurses on a wide range of questions regarding their career plans, job satisfaction levels, well-being, and related topics. Data published in the survey was based on over 16,000 responses from nurses nationwide. These nurses painted a sobering picture of a profession under duress. In response to COVID-19 and myriad other challenges, only 40% of nurses surveyed said they would continue to work in their current status. Many others said they would pursue a variety of other paths, including seeking a new place of employment, working part-time, working as a travel nurse, returning to school, retiring, or leaving nursing for another field. Additional data from the survey pointed to diminished career satisfaction among nurses and concern about their personal health and well-being. AMN Healthcare’s Nurses in 2024 – A Brief Check-In provides an updated pulse reading on nurses as the new year progresses, offering insights into their outlook, work priorities, and career plans. More limited in scope than the biennial survey, it is based on five multiple choice questions and one open-ended question. The open-ended question garnered over 600 written comments from nurses regarding how they feel about the nursing profession in 2024. A representative sample of these comments are included in this report.


The Nurses in 2024 survey was emailed to a proprietary list of over 10,000 nurses nationwide. Responses

were received from 1,155 nurses. Margin of Error (MOE) for the survey is 3% at a 95% confidence level.

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