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Overcome Analysis Paralysis: Embrace the Chaos

As he sensed his life slipping out of control, Bob Miglani asked himself, “Did someone change the formula for life?” His work was moving along at breakneck pace, and he was trying to identify the new rules in a changing world. He discovered the more he tried to control every detail of his life, the more anxious he became. We’d wager that almost every business owner has felt this way at one point.

positive way — changes everything about who we are as leaders and team members. Principle two, Miglani says, is don’t overthink. Hyperfocus and over- planning can result in paralysis and missed opportunities, which prevents us from growth and progression. This is not to say we should not think at all. Rather, Miglani recommends that we trust our gut instincts instead of trying to predict the future.

In his book, “Embrace the Chaos: How India Taught Me to Stop

Once we’ve accepted and curbed our tendency to overthink, it’s time

Overthinking and Start Living,” Bob Miglani uses vivid imagery and compelling stories to help the reader embrace the chaos through three specific principles. First, accept what you can’t control. “Accept that life is uncertain, unpredictable, complicated, and fast,” he says. Miglani urges us to allow life to be fluid and spontaneous and focus on the one thing that we can master: our behavior. We can’t always control the challenges, or opportunities, that come across our desks, but handling them as just that — opportunities to react to in a

to jump. Miglani’s third principle is move forward. Act and react to changing challenges and shifting expectations. Have a plan, but live in the moment. Too often, Miglani says, we spend too many hours “catching up.” But there’s no such thing as catching up with eternity, and there will always be something else for you to accomplish in your business or at home.

The solution: appreciate the moment, and embrace the chaos.

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