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Dear Members,

I am pleased to inform you that the Management Committee has decided to waive all entrance fees for new members as well as existing members who are renewing their membership. The revised Membership Fees are as follows:

Duration of Membership

Principal Member Fees

Family Member Fees (Spouse and children above 12 years old and below 21 years old)

1 year 2 years 3 years 5 years

$120 $200 $240 $300

$40 $60 $90 $150

Mr Koh Eng Hwa, PBM Chairman Membership Committee The Grassroots ’ Club

The Grassroots’ Club is an ideal place for you, your family, friends and business associates for meetings, social gatherings, relaxation, recreation and networking. As a TGC member, you and your family members may also access other reciprocal Clubs’ facilities i.e. Orchid Country Club, Arena Country Club, Changi Beach Club and The Malacca Club. We take this opportunity to inform you that the Club is also embarking on the upgrading of its Health Centre in 2017 to offer our members better facilities and services. Facilities within the Health Centre will include the Gym, Members Corner and Jacuzzi. For social gatherings and recreation, there will be BBQ pits available for bookings in 2017. Please visit our website for more information of the club and our upcoming activities in 2017.

The Grassroots' Club: A Club for the Members and by the Members.


Chairman Toh Sze Wei, PBM Vice Chairman Jimmy New Cheng Tee, PBM

Members Edward See Chak Fei, PBM Lim Yen Lan, PBM Marie Lim Soo Cheng David Seah Kah Long, PBM P.Anakeley

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