Issue 105

Grassroots with passion 09



The GST Voucher-U-Save rebates for eligible HDB households will be increased by $40 to $120, depending on flat type. $120 Increase by up to


First-time buyers of resale flat get as much as up to $110,000 grant. $110,000

Price hike in water to be implemented in two phases – July 2017 & July 2018.

Increased Bursaries

$400 Million

$600 Million

$400 million a year to prepare students with moderate intellectual and multiple disability for work as well as set up a caregiver support centre.

$600 million to be used in the next five years on community health efforts including integrating more people with mental health issues into the workplace and society.

Post-secondary students to benefit from increased bursaries.


Attach and Train

$100 Million

New Attach-and-Train Programme introduced to provide training and attachment for workers in advance of employment.

Job seekers more than 40 years of age who have been looking for jobs for more than 12 months get 50% of salaries for half a year.

$100 million to be set aside for VWOs and charities in the next five years.

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