I think by now we are all aware that the single most effective way of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus is washing your hands. However, that has not stopped social media from being swamped by fake health advice. Here are just five of the not-so-intelligent suggestions currently doing the rounds: 1 Eating garlic helps to avoid being infected by the coronavirus - NO. Not that garlic isn’t good for you, but the World Health Organisation says there’s no evidence eating it will protect you from Covid-19. You will, however, have no issues with vampires. 2 Drink water every 15-minutes. Again, staying hydrated is good, but you can’t flush the coronavirus out of your system. The only flushing taking place will be you in the bathroom. 3 Don’t eat ice cream or other cold foods as it helps prevent the virus taking hold. NO. 4 Heating your body up is good as it makes it inhospitable for the virus. And again NO. 5 Some Hindu groups in India believe cow urine has medicinal properties, including the ability to ward off the coronavirus if you drink it. Perhaps not surprisingly, the experts disagree.

• Review of individual welfare benefits, your eligibility and support with the application process were necessary. • Food vouchers if in immediate and urgent need. Mental Health Support • Self-isolation is likely to have a negative impact on our mental health and it is important we remain aware of this and try to buffer against it by putting support strategies in place. The EIC can recommend support strategies to help you cope through this time of isolation.

• Signposting to other mental health support services and online services.

Symptoms, hygiene and self-isolation

• The EIC is recommending that individuals with pre-existing health conditions i.e. heart disease, diabetes, those undergoing cancer treatment, and others should self-isolate and managers need to be informed as soon as possible if you care for or reside with a family member or person who is deemed as having pre-existing health conditions. The EIC can provide further guidance to you if you feel unsure as to how to communicate this to your employer.

• Telephone and skype counselling are available to industry members.

For hygiene tips and resources for managing self-isolation, call our confidential helpline

• Psychiatric assessments for complex mental health issues are available to industry members.

on 0800 652 1618 and/or email support@electricalcharity.org.

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