The Thirty-A Review January 2021

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Destin Ice Market Experience Coastal Fine Dining at Home b y Te s s F a r m e r

W hat are we all looking for when we just arrive at the beach? After catching the stellar winter sunset, you may be thinking about some fresh local seafood for dinner. With many restaurants restricted to limited seating, oftentimes it is easier, for larger groups especially, to prepare meals at home. Destin Ice Market 30A offers everything you may need to prepare a fresh, in-season, high-quality meal in the comfort of your own home… or home away from home… on 30-A. Pam and Tim Wellborn are owners and proprietors of Destin Ice Market 30A and opened their doors for

and Tim from Pensacola. They have been partners in life and business for many years, including partnership in two local popular restaurants, Cuvee Destin and Cuvee 30A. They eventually met Destin Ice owners Jim Bass and Dwane Martin during their time working for the Destin restaurant and they encouraged the couple to create Destin Ice Market 30A. The relationship with Jim and Dwane immediately brought decades of purchasing experience with The Destin Fishing Fleet to this location. Most of the seafood is provided by Destin Ice still today but they also purchase from many other local purveyors and sustainable fisherman in the area. In 2018 Pam invited Executive Chef

International Airport in Panama City Beach and will be walkable from Rosemary Beach with the addition of the Highway 98 pedestrian underpass. “We have customers who stop by on their way into town to pick out a protein—whether that’s the catch of the day, fresh Gulf shrimp, or prime cut steak—a couple of steakhouse sides and vegetables and they are set for dinner,” says Wellborn. “On the way out of town, some stop in to ship shrimp or fish so they can take a piece of the Gulf home with them.” That’s a souvenir to beat! Pam Wellborn is originally from northern Alabama

business in Inlet Beach in 2016. Destin Ice Market offers fresh, local, and sustainable seafood; as well as high quality meat from Halperns in Atlanta and poultry from nearby Joyce Farms, raised without pesticides, animal by-products, hormones, or antibiotics. The market also has every single item you’d possibly need for a stellar charcuterie board with an array of fine cheeses, preserves and jams, hand-sliced prosciutto, olives, crackers, pickled produce, and fresh fruit. Who’s hungry? “It’s our goal to provide the best quality in terms of freshness, sustainability and taste to all our customers and make their vacations as easy as possible,” says Pam Wellborn. Entertaining friends and family is a way of life for her. Growing up in the kitchen and having access to fresh, organic, and sustainable food sources, she appreciates access to the very best ingredients. The Destin Ice Market 30A represents that passion. Wellborn is also a certified sommelier and certified specialist of wine which has led her to procure an impressive selection of wines offered at the market. “We have many rare and unique options that can’t be found here in the immediate area, which many of our customers appreciate,” she says. The location of Destin Ice Market 30A also makes accessibility easy for visitors to Inlet Beach, Rosemary Beach, and the east end of 30-A in particular. It’s also on the way to 30-A from the Northwest Florida Beaches

Chef Alan Baltazar

Alan Baltazar, who she worked with at Cuvee Bistro, to become chef and manager for Destin Ice Market 30A. Originally from Wisconsin, Baltazar has run some of the nation’s finest kitchens in Wisconsin, Colorado, and now on the Emerald Coast. Since joining the Destin Ice Market 30A, he leads the team in preparations of the local seafood sold at the market; whether that be steamed shellfish or stone crabs, specialty side dishes and homemade desserts. Chef Alan is constantly adding new items to the market’s already extensive collection of fine foods. “We’ve had feedback from customers, especially after the pandemic restrictions, who are eating at home more on their beach vacations and are able to enjoy nice dinners with their family incorporating fresh, local ingredients,” says Wellborn. “The holidays were also busy with special order seafood, meats and wines and a new menu of side dishes… and who doesn’t enjoy lobster mac and cheese on Christmas Eve?!” Pam and Chef Alan invite you to shop with them and know they offer the very best from the oceans as well as from sustainable farms and specialty vendors.

Destin Ice Market 30A, Crossings at Inlet Beach; Open daily, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.; (850) 502-4100;

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