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Kitchen Takeover Private Chef Service Plate to Plate Brings Fine Dining to You b y Te s s F a r m e r


Plate to Plate not only curates an incredibly impressive custom menu for you, but they also give you more time for conversation and laughter with your friends, which is really what this is all about.

Using locally-sourced ingredients and seasonal produce, Plate to Plate prides itself on the freshness of ingredients to bring a high quality product to the table. Whether their clients are planning a seafood boil in Santa Rosa Beach or stone crab dinner in Miami, Plate to Plate chefs take the local environment into consideration, in addition to any special dietary restrictions or tastes to prepare a delicious meal and memorable experience. “We love hosting dinner parties, but it’s too easy to get stuck in the kitchen, when we’d much rather spend time with our guests,” says Mike Ragsdale of The 30A Company. “Plate to Plate not only curates an incredibly impressive custom menu for you, but they also give you more time for conversation and laughter with your friends, which is really what this is all about.” “We consider ourselves a partner with our clients to accommodate their needs—whether it’s creating a Keto-friendly menu, prepping and cooking the red snapper you caught on a fishing charter that morning, or baking mom’s favorite chocolate cake for a surprise birthday celebration, we’ve done it all,” adds Davis. “We thrive on that person to person experience.” “Meals for my family are sacred, it’s a time for people to come together, to reconnect, to laugh and to love,” says Richard Olivarez, chief marketing officer for Ocean Reef Rentals. “Chef Kali treated us like family and curated a beautiful experience and exquisite meal. Facilitating remarkable experiences through food is not only her business, clearly it’s her passion.” Plate to Plate offers a catalog of services including: private dinners, seafood boils, cooking demonstrations, tea and coffee tastings, table design, hor d’oeuvres for cocktail parties, brunch menus, wine tastings and pairings, cookie baking for kids (or grown- ups), as well as grocery stocking.

W e’ve all been there. Overcrowded restau- rant. Kids melting down. Grandpa’s still circling the block for a parking spot… Rather than going out to dinner after a long day at the beach, a service called Plate to Plate invites you to enlist one of their private chefs to prepare a per- sonalized meal right in the comfort of your home (or home away from home). Whether it’s a twilight dinner for two or a gathering of friends, special oc- casion, family meal or grand party, Plate to Plate steps in to take care of it all. “You do the relaxing while we create a memora- ble experience for you and your family,” says Kali Davis, Plate to Plate executive chef and CEO. “The 30-A area, all the way to Destin, is the perfect place to offer our in-home personal chef experiences and we are here to help make our clients’ stays at the beach even more enjoyable.”

Executive Chef and CEO Kali Davis

“My experience cooking for a wide variety of cultures and cuisines led me to want to discover what other local communities have to offer,” says Davis. From culinary student to culinary expert, she has truly immersed herself in perfecting her craft and is training a group of up-and-coming chefs to bring her unique personal dining experience to more and more people across the state. Davis and her team have prepared in-home meals for celebrity clientele as well as professional athletes and coaches who visit the beaches along the Emerald Coast. “The best part of my job is connecting with our clients and having the opportunity to play a small yet memorable role during their vacation.”

Even as a young girl, Destin native Kali Davis would create elaborate dinner parties for her friends and family, using her mom’s credit card to buy the best cuts of meat and planning multiple courses. Davis worked as a personal chef after attending Johnson and Wales University’s culinary program in Miami. Then, after earning her culinary arts degree and working for One Bal Harbour Resort and Spa in Miami (now the Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour), and Bloom in Wynwood, Florida, she returned to the Panhandle to create Plate to Plate and is now expanding the services to other Florida cities.

For more details please visit, call (850) 974-2665 or follow @chefkali on Instagram.

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