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Kelli and Bart Precourt’s Prema Organic Café Encourages Thriving and Surviving b y C h r i s t o p h e r M a n s o n

I t’s 10 a.m. on a Monday at the recently opened Prema Organic Café in Seagrove Beach, and Kelli Precourt—co-owner with husband Dr. Bart Precourt—is here, along with her small but dedicated staff, most of whom got to work around 5. The restaurant’s name comes from the Sanskrit for “to love”, Precourt explains. “For us, it’s about self-love: feeding yourself good food as an act of self-love.” Everything here is made in house and requires “a lot of loving hands,” says Precourt. “My team is so amazing, and they walk the talk. They eat well; and the food they make, they know how important it is for it to be rooted in love.” Business has been great since Kelli and Bart opened next door to their Balance Health Studio. “Bart and I have been here for 15 years, offering clinical nutrition, cleanses, and menu design for people—that’s teaching people how to eat healthy, creating a personal menu for the week,” Kelli says. “For us, it was a natural progression, an end result from what we were doing.

While Prema offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, there are also clean organic proteins for people who do eat meat. “I eat everything, and I’m very specific about animal proteins and where they come from,” Precourt says. “People love our organic cold-pressed juice, our nutrient-dense superfood smooth- ies. Our chicken salad is canola-free, and we make our own avocado oil mayonnaise. Everything we make from scratch. Our menu was designed to help people thrive. ‘Let food be thy medicine.’” Even Kelli’s guilty pleasures stay within the semi-healthy realm. “If I’m going to have pizza, it’ll be cauliflower crust. For We are not willing to compromise. We believe people should nurture themselves with food.

Dr. Bart and Kelli Precourt

Kelli grew up in what she describes as a non-sugar- based home. “My parents never had cookies and cakes,” she says. “My mom really taught me how to eat healthy. My husband and I educate the community about eating healthy and staying away from refined sugar. Anyone that knows Dr. Bart knows he’s constantly educating his tribe about eating from God’s garden—food that hasn’t been manipulated. “The day and age of the sickness that’s going on in our country—I think a lot of people have woken up to the fact that health is the most important thing, staying healthy and strong, really thriving as a person. If you’re paying attention to the news, the healthier you are, the more you can survive.” Kelli and Bart moved here about 15 years ago from Atlanta. Kelli was an Olympic field hockey player, so eating healthy was always a part of her lifestyle. “It was a requirement to perform well,” she says. “If you ate crap, you performed like crap.”

me, feeling better is way more important than the taste,” she says. “Most food that you consider naughty can still be made healthier and not loaded with chemicals and gums and flours.” Lisa, one of Prema’s regulars, stops in. “I come in here just about every day. I like the convenience of being able to drop in and grab something healthy,” she beams. “What you get with Bart and Kelli is pure—so much love and warmth and integrity here. They’re always trying to help people evolve—the community and people visiting from out of state. This is the place to be.” Prema Organic Cafe is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is located at 3557 County Highway 30-A, Seagrove Beach, Florida. Visit their website at www.

“Our tribe over at Balance has put the word out (about Prema). We’re 100 percent organic, 100 percent gluten-free. No one is doing that in this area. The standard and quality of food—the bar has been lifted big time. We are not willing to compromise. We believe people should nurture themselves with food.” She adds: “The biggest thing for me is that eating healthy can taste good. A lot of people are intimidated, and we try to make the food accessible to everyone.” Kelli and Bart came up with the Prema concept over years of eating healthy and compiling recipes they enjoy at home. Prema Organic Café offers “amazing” smoothie bowls, house made granola “not loaded with sugar”, and “super-healthy” non-dairy yogurts, along with cold- pressed juices made in house. “We don’t denature the nutrients,” Precourt says, emphasizing that none of the restaurant’s recipes contain canola oil.

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