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The TOVP Communications Department is pleased to announce the release of our newest online publication, a pre-opening pictorial and descriptive flipbook of the completed Nrsimhadeva Wing. This beautifully rendered flipbook designed by Sri Radha devi dasi from Canada illustrates the completed hall using cgi images and a 360° panoramic view created by the TOVP 3D Department of Srisha das and Pavan Gopa das, and also includes a detailed description of the design components of the hall and altar by Svaha devi dasi and Rangavati devi dasi.

TOVP Nrsimhadeva Hall Grand Opening October, 2023 A Pre-event Pictorial and Descriptive Presentation

SRI MAYAPUR CHANDRODAYA MANDIR Temple of the Vedic Planetarium

Project of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Founder/Acharya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


To be placed under Lord Nrsimha’s altar

Introductory Words

This Nrsimhadeva Wing opening, pre-event publication is an offering of inspiration to all Vaishnavas worldwide who share in the mood of love and devotion to our Prahlad Nrsimhadeva Deities at ISKCON’s World Headquarters in Sridham Mayapur.These beloved Deities, worshiped by Pankajanghri Prabhu for over three decades, and Their history and lilas are presented in another TOVP flipbook, Lord Nrsimhadeva ISKCON Mayapur ( flipbook focuses on the Grand Opening of the completed Nrsimhadeva Wing and altar, scheduled for October, 2023, and illustrates through computer graphics made by Srisha das and Pavan Gopa das of the TOVP 3D Department, what the hall will look like when finished. Svaha devi dasi and Rangavati devi dasi, designers of the altar and the hall’s décor, have kindly provided the descriptive section of this flipbook. Our hope and prayer is that readers will be inspired to donate to help ensure the completion is on time without impediment.And if you have already given, please consider making another sacrifice at this time again as many new sponsorship options have been added that include items in the Nrsimha Wing. This opening is a crucial step in our progress and is the precursor of the TOVP Grand Opening which will encompass a three-month celebration from December, 2024 through Gaura Purnima, 2025.This will be a historic and unforgettable event in Vaishnava history as well as world history for the glory of Srila Prabhupada, our acharyas and Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

All Glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga

Srila Prabhupada, as the ideal acharya and guide, taught his disciples everything by his own example. Listen to this audio, circa 1968, of him teaching his disciples to chant the Nrsimha prayers for the first time.

The Nrsimhadeva Wing The soon-to-be-opened glorious, 12,000 sq. ft. Nrsimhadeva Hall interiors and altar were designed by two extremely talented and devoted lady Vaishnavas, Svaha devi dasi, wife of TOVP Chairman Ambarisa dasa, and Rangavati devi dasi, a trained and experienced professional designer. With the assistance of 3D artists Srisha dasa and Pavan Gopa dasa they have conceived the detailed elements of some of the most important interior sections of the TOVP, including Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Wing. Herein, we present a glimpse into the future residence of our beloved Sri Prahlad-Nrsimhadeva deities.

The Nrsimhadeva Hall has five floors, whose walls all gracefully display colorful paintings and bas-relief art panels of Prahlad Maharaja’s and Lord Nrsimhadeva’s lilas. Visitors will be able to walk along each level to view the artwork and other stunning elements of the Hall, while also observing the exquisite altar.

The ceiling of the 82ft (25m) high dome is made up of 1,700 steel brackets and 432 custom-made, gold- leafed coffered tiles of various sizes. The coffers are inserted with a special acoustic material that absorbs sound. Ambarisa was extremely adamant about having the best acoustics even though, aesthetically, ceiling frescos would have been more visually attractive.

Within the dome will hang a grand chandelier constructed according to a traditional South Indian temple-style design, matching the lamps in the two niches on the front of the altar. Due to the enormous size of the chandelier — 46ft (14m) tall x 28ft (8m) wide — it is being custom-made by the same company building the cosmology model of the Vedic universe, which will hang under the dome of the main temple hall. Sixteen colorful bas-relief art panels depicting the lilas of Prahlad - Nrsimha will flank the perimeter walls of the dome’s base on the fifth floor of the hall.

Surrounding the altar are sixteen coral-colored (roso alicante) and eight green-colored (verde brazil) immense and roundly shaped marble columns, the best that Spain and Brazil, respectively, have to offer. Set within specially designed glass frames with decorative marble borders are sixteen Burma teakwood doors, each 9ft (3m) tall x 11ft (3.5m) wide, leading to the walkway circling the interior of the TOVP.

Perched atop the eight green-colored columns that hold up the two levels above the main floor will be eight murtis of Srimati Lakshmi-devi along with Brahma, Siva, Indra and other demigods offering prayers to Lord Nrsimhadeva. All the deva murtis were made in-house by local artisans and beautifully painted by ISKCON Mayapur devotee artist, Ambhoda devi dasi.

Lord Shiva

Sri Lakshmidevi

Lord Brahma

Sri Manu

Lord Indra

Sri Garudadeva

Sri Nanda and Sunanda

Lord Nrsimhadeva’s altar, 37ft (11m) long — and just as tall — will be carved in pure black granite from Kaddapa, Andhra Pradesh, India. The 19ft (6m) chakra, or celestial discus, on the back wall will be a bas-relief carved out of the same black granite, highlighted with subtle accents so as to not detract from or overpower the beautiful prabhali (ornamental frame) around Sri Prahlad-Nrsimhadeva.

The chakra’s flame-like tips will be highlighted in gold leaf to simulate a blazing fire. Also designed for this specific Deity is a black Brazilian marble arch with hand-carved traditional lotus flowers, bells and small lamps painted in gold leaf, supported by columns to provide a regal singhasana (throne) for Prahlad- Nrsimha, from which the Lord’s chatri (canopy) will gracefully hang.

An impressive gold-leafed dome in the opulent mood of Vaikuntha crowns the central part of the altar’s highest point, surrounded on both sides by a decorative pedestal called an acroterium. The exquisite doors of the altar, inspired by an antique French cabinet design, will be 7ft (2m) wide x 9ft (3m) tall carved teak panels painted black, bedecked with brass ornaments and miniature lion-face bas reliefs — each panel further embellished with semi-precious, stone- studded flowers. To the left and right of the doors, the entranceway will be gorgeously adorned with gold- leafed floral designs.

The entire altar will have 24-carat gold leaf design elements, including an impressive, highly ornate plaque on top with ‘Sri Sri Prahlad-Narasimha’ emblazoned in gold-leafed calligraphy. The Lord’s chakra and gada (club) images in gold leaf will be incorporated into the border running along the frieze of the altar’s front. Two niches on the front of the altar were created for two large, custom-designed, electric brass lamps with decorative elements in the form of peacocks, lotuses and other floral designs, to match the hall dome’s chandelier.

The marble floor in front of the altar, made from the choicest Vietnamese marble and beautifully designed with intricate floral inlays will be vibrant and colorful to welcome devotees for darshan, kirtan and dancing. It spans the entire Nrsimhadeva Hall, extending to the white Vietnamese marble-clad walls, and into the temple main hall.

Two Tanjore paintings, one depicting Prahlad Maharaja garlanding Lord Narasimhadeva, and the other showing the demon boys with Prahlad Maharaja in sankirtana (congregational chanting), have been commissioned for the Wing’s entranceway left and right walls. There will also be a specially carved teakwood bas-relief art piece, colorfully depicting the signature, most defining lila of Lord Nrsimhadeva tearing open the abdominal cavity of the demon Hiranyakashipu, on the wall behind the altar. The artwork has been commissioned to the same people who supplied all the art pieces for the ISKCON Devasadan temple in Detroit, Michigan over forty years ago.

This concludes our pre-event pictorial and descriptive presentation of Lord Nrsimhadeva’s hall and altar in the TOVP. We hope it has deeply inspired you in your devotion and love for Mayapur Nrsimhadeva. Our humble request is that you search your heart and make a financial commitment to support the ongoing work to complete the hall by the scheduled time in October, 2023, even if you have already given before. Please visit the TOVP website and sponsor

a Nrsimhadeva Brick or other seva option, or give a General Donation during the Give To Nrsimha 2023 Fundraiser. To make your sankalpa with Lord Nrsimhadeva go to:

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Watch a short Nrsimhadeva Wing construction update video by Braja Vilasa Das and listen to the Give To Nrsimha song by Nirantara Das (ACBSP) below.

Below is an awesome 360° computer generated view of the Nrsimhadeva Wing. To view properly, hold down your mouse left button to go up or down, left or right, and use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out.

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