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December 2018



Mixed in Emma’s daily mail was a handwritten note addressed simply to “neighbor.” The return address on the envelope was for a house across the street that Emma had always believed to be vacant, since the curtains were always closed.

The note inside read:

Dear neighbor,

I see you with your family, and you seem like a very nice person. I was wondering if we could be friends. I am 93 years old and no longer have any family. I am very lonely.

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The note was signed by a woman named Allison.

Emma was reduced to tears. She thought of her own grandmother, who passed away recently. Then she thought about how much loneliness it would take for an elderly person to reach out to a complete stranger. Emma walked over to Allison’s house and knocked on the door. She was greeted by a petite older woman with dazzling blue eyes. Over the next few years, Allison became a surrogate grandmother to Emma and her family.

Fitness fads come and go rapidly, but one decade-old trend is still growing in America and all over the world. It’s rise in popularity comes at a great time too, given the shocking obesity rates in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 40 percent of adults in the U.S. are obese. With the litany of workout and dieting options all over the media, choosing where to start can be just as confusing as deciding what to do. Luckily, some U.S. cities are starting to develop outdoor gyms in convenient locations to help their residents to get fit, shed extra pounds, and have healthier lifestyles. Outdoor gyms have been popular since China began installing them in its cities to promote physical fitness ahead of the 2008 Olympics. The fad traveled to parks across Europe and is blazing its way through the U.S. Are these gyms worth the hype? For most residents, the answer is a resounding yes, but there are some concerns users should keep in mind.

Loneliness is real and affects many people.

Reach out in the spirit of friendship to warm the heart of a lonely person through an act of kindness.


Let’s face it: Gym memberships are expensive and getting to the gym can be a time suck. If you can incorporate a workout routine into your daily life, you’re more likely to stick with it. Outdoor gyms work great for busy parents who can take their kids to the park and get a workout in at the same time. They also work wonders for the casual walker who wants

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