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ew York, NY — Growing its focus on the impor tance o f Prioritizing the health and wellness of tenants Tishman Speyer launches global tenant health and wellness initiative with Fitwel Certification N

improve building occupant health and productivity. It was created as a joint initiative by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the General Services Administra- tion, and it is operated by CfAD. In addition to certifying its buildings in the United States, Tishman Speyer will intro- duce Fitwel to new markets in China, Brazil, India, Germany and France. The goal is to com- plete the certification process of the vast majority of Tishman Speyer buildings by the end of 2019. Fitwel certification follows

Tishman Speyer’s introduction earlier this year of Zo, its com- prehensive workplace amenity and services package focused on enhancing work-life balance, which was piloted at New York City’s Rockefeller Center and is now being rolled out across Tishman Speyer’s portfolio. “We are prioritizing the health and wellness of our ten- ants throughout our portfolio, and Fitwel provides a new building certification that can be used as a strategic resource to create healthier work en- vironments,” said Jonathan Flaherty , senior director of

Sustainability and Utilities, Tishman Speyer. “With its solid foundation in scientific research conducted or reviewed by the CDC, Fitwel provides us with a clear, verifiable benchmark of how our buildings currently provide healthy work environ- ments for the people who spend most of their days there, and a roadmap for how to make the most beneficial health-focused building improvements.” “We are proud to partner with Tishman Speyer as Fitwel’s first Global Strategic Partner to adopt health promoting strate- gies within their buildings and

campuses and to further signal to the market that the built en- vironment matters for health. Tishman Speyer has long been recognized as a market leader in providing building services with a sustainable focus. We are thrilled that they are also concentrating on impacting health within their global port- folio, and advising Fitwel on its development in the coming years,” said Joanna Frank , president and CEO of the Cen- ter for Active Design . With over 250,000 people working in its buildings, Tish- man Speyer is uniquely posi- tioned to apply Fitwel to all its properties around the world. CfAD will be able to take ad- vantage of Tishman Speyer’s wide geographical reach to introduce Fitwel certification in China, Brazil, India, Ger- many, France, and the U.K., while further developing and customizing the certification to those markets. Tishman Speyer will also serve as a founding member of Fitwel’s Leadership Advisory Board. Fitwel provides 63 cost ef- fective design and operational strategies for enhancing build- ing environments to improve occupant health and productiv- ity, such as dedicated lactation rooms, accessible stairways, and pest management plans. n served in the Infantry during the First Gulf War. As an avid support of the Veterans and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as the founder of PTSD Journal, one of the many ways Christian offers his services to support his fel- low servicemen is via speaking engagements at various events. For example, Christian and PTSD Journal recently host- ed its first Invisible Wounds Conference on the campus of Rutgers-Newark where over 150 people attended and were educated on treatments, trig- gers and the overall impact trauma has on every day life. Crimmins, Jacobs and Bene- detto bring their skills, work ethic and leadership qualities acquired as service men to The Blau & Berg Company, and the organization is honored to recognize their sacrifices on behalf of our country and their continued contributions to our community in their post-service lives. n continued from page 6A The Blau &Berg Co. reflects on . . .

healthy work- place environ- ments, Tish- man Speyer a nn o un c e d a pa r t n e r - ship with the Center for Ac- tive Design’s (CfAD) build-

Jonathan Flaherty

ing certification system Fitwel. Fitwel is one of the leading global health certification sys- tems, providing effective design and operational strategies to

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