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By Lisa Cassidy, Orwak North America Recycling champions getting things done: Featuring Premier Compaction Systems


oo often the news we hear is negative. There is so much emphasis

their backs on ripe opportuni- ties to recycle or streamline operations would have more dramatic flair, but I’m tired of the drama. I want to hear about positive change. I want to hear what well-intentioned business own- ers are doing to make things better. I want to recognize those who are making progress despite the obstacles and the naysayers. Why? Because they figured out how to turn good intentions into a reality. They made a plan and got it done. I want to know how they did it and share it

with you. For this reason, we’re intro- ducing a segment called Get- ting It Done. Getting it Done will highlight businesses and individuals that have figured out how to make recycling hap- pen. Whether they have gone the extra mile to personally do the recycling at their organiza- tion or whether they are paving a path for others to follow, they are the ones making it happen. They are our recycling cham- pions. Getting It Done Features Premier Compaction Systems Today, I’d like to recognize

Premier Compaction Systems (PCS). PCS is a sustainable trash chute and compactor company servicing clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. PCS designs, in- stalls andmaintains equipment as well as providing cleaning services. They also happen to be one of the first businesses in the state of New Jersey to be recognized as a New Jersey Sustainable Business. PCS was recognized by the New Jersey Sustainable Busi- ness Registry for designing and installing automated, energy efficient, waste handling equip-

ment. This equipment was used to reduce labor costs and manual handling of waste re- ceptacles, but mostly it created a path for high rise buildings, hotels, restaurants and many other types of NY, NJ and CT businesses to streamline op- erations and cut costs through recycling. Bob Frustaci, president and CEO of PCS, had a choice – to manage waste the way it’s al- ways been done or to come up with a better way. His decision to find a better way is changing how businesses in the tristate area approach waste manage- ment. In just the past 3 years, PCS has installed over 300 recycling units and tri-sorters. On average, their customers are saving 20-30% on solid waste management costs. One customer saved over 335 tons of organic waste by simply redi- recting waste into a chute that fed a self-contained compactor for composting! In addition to the more com- mon commodities for recycling (cardboard, plastic, PET and film), PCS has also increased recycling rates for more obscure materials like aluminum cans and even oil. Yes, oil! PCS changed their day-to-day op- erations to recycle hydraulic oil saving over 2,685 gallons of oil since they started this program in 2016. It would be lot more dramatic to tell you a crazy story about some unsuspecting passerby getting 40 pounds of composted material dumped on them from a 12th story window, but that’s not what Getting It Done is about - nor did it happen. So if you’re looking for a 30 second sound bite on something nega- tive or absurd, you’ll have to go elsewhere. However, if you want an infusion of inspira- tion by people and businesses just like you – look for our next installment of Getting It Done. We look forward to sharing more great stories about our everyday recycling champions. PCS can be found in the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry at http://registry. njsbdc.com or by visiting their website at pcs-green.com. Get- ting It Done is an Orwak seg- ment highlighting recycling champions who are getting re- cycling done despite objections and obstacles. For more information about Premier Compaction Systems, please visit http://www.PCS- Green.com. n

on bad choic- es or things that are go- i ng wr ong . Y e t , t h e truth is, there i s a l s o s o many things that are go- ing right, so

Lisa Cassidy

many people making good choices and a lot of things hap- pening that are positive. Maybe a story about how businesses across the country are turning

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