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A 360° EXPERIENCE How U2’s Innovative 2009 Tour Became the Biggest in History

Instead, tickets sold out in every venue they played. Additionally, playing stadiums rather than amphitheaters and fields made it possible for the band to keep ticket prices below $50 in most cases, making it affordable to the average consumer. By the end of the tour in 2011 (with many dates having been pushed back a year due to Bono’s health problems), the U2360° tour had grossed $736,421,584 — more than $100 million more than any other tour in history.

band to play larger venues without robbing the audience of a close-up experience.

Summer is prime time for the year’s biggest concerts, and this summer is no different. Megastars like Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, and Bon Jovi are playing gigs around the world. Revenue will be massive. But it’s unlikely any will surpass the highest- grossing tour of all time: 2009’s U2360°. In the wake of lackluster sales of U2’s 2009 album “No Line on the Horizon,” the band’s show director, Willie Williams, presented the band with the concept of playing on a circular stage in the middle of a stadium, with a four-legged stage configuration showering lights and images down around the band as they played. It would allow the

Despite the financial risk, U2 was on board. Lead guitarist The Edge said the type of setup would “never have been seen before by anybody, and that’s an amazing thing to be able to say.” The steel stage configuration, nicknamed The Claw, took 40 trucks and a crew of 250 to transport and set it up throughout the tour. Since it was so expensive and the late 2000s recession was in full swing, many doubted whether the tour would succeed.

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