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Refer a Friend and You Could Be Heading to the Most Magical Place on Earth

Kelly and her family visited Disney World in 2016. Her favorite ride would have to be the happiest cruise that ever sailed, called "It's a Small World.” The 10-minute boat ride travels to all seven continents with a cast of 300 traditionally dressed children singing the simple song in their native language. The grand finale shows all of the children reuniting to remind us of the common bonds of friendship, laughter, and happiness we share. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child reminds us that we are all the same. Christine Baril’s last visit to Disney World with her family was in 2004. Her most memorable moment was having dinner with Goofy for her daughter Danielle's 13th birthday. Christine, however, didn't have such

What’s your favorite Disney memory? Disney is synonymous with wonder and delight. It brings joy to kids and adults alike. It’s called “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” and talking to our team members about their memories from Disney World, it seems like they agree. With how much fun our team has had at Disney, we wanted to share the magic with our patients. That’s why we’re sending one lucky patient and their family to Disney World next summer. Tell your friends how much you’ve loved coming to Team Demas, and you’ll be entered to win our Disney Vacation Getaway. The more friends you refer to us, the higher your chances of winning. The Disney vacation includes flights, hotel, and park passes for four. You can find more details inside the newsletter.

a great birthday herself — two days later, an African jacana bird pooped on her head at Animal Kingdom! Her other two children, Melissa and Jason, still think of this moment as their favorite part of their trip. Such fun stories, right? Kelly’s makes us want to go on “It’s a Small World,” not to mention imagining Tracy’s magical wedding. Christine Blumenthal is quite the thrill-seeker, isn’t she? Would you have gone down Mount Gushmore at age 11? We might just stick to “It’s a Small World.” Tell your friends about Team Demas, and then picture yourself at your favorite Disney World spot. (Just be sure to watch out for the jacana bird.)

Tracy loves Disney World so much that she has visited the park on 25 different occasions. On April 18, 2005, Tracy married her husband, Josh, at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. They were surrounded by family and their closest friends, and their reception was held at the 'Ohana Restaurant. Tracy and her husband spent the remainder of the week in Disney for their honeymoon. Everything was truly magical. Christine Blumenthal’s last visit to Disney World was nearly 20 years ago! Even at 11 years old, Christine was a thrill seeker. The highlight of her trip was zipping down the slushy slopes of Mount Gushmore at Blizzard Beach. With an elevation of 90 feet, Mount Gushmore is one of the tallest and fastest free-fall water slides in the world and had just opened two years prior.


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—Team Demas

Christa and her husband, Mike, would visit Disney together often. However, no prior trip could compare to visiting the park with their son, Jacob. Exploring Disney together as a family has felt even more magical and exciting each time they go.


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