ALUSIC - Aluminium structural profiles

what can you do with alusic aluminium profiles

PV supports

Safety guards





Crane systems

Conveyor belts

Lean manufacturing

AC Line

BH Line

IM Line IS Line LM Line

KS Line

CS Line

PV Line

SP Line

C6 Line

pg. 5-10

pg. 11-12

pg. 13-14

pg. 15

pg. 16

pg. 20

pg. 17-19

pg. 21

Alusic means a large range of aluminium profiles and accessories.

As a result of a carefully planned 3D drawing system and tested with rapid prototyping techniques. Alusic accessories are compatible with almost all the aluminium profiles on the market.

The available range of components is always evolving and currently compatible with slot 6, slot 8 and slot 10 and it’s continuously evolving. The continuous broadening of the range of products allows our catalogue to have details realized through different production technologies. This includes the injection moulding of plastic materials, the sintering of mixture of metallic powders, the aluminium die casting the working process from an only one piece of aluminium, etc...


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