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A few months ago, I attended my nephew’s wedding in Rhode Island, and one morning my brother and I were outside our hotel when we noticed that the man who walked out and stood next to me looked like Alice Cooper. As he waited for his car, my brother and I just looked at each other, sharing twin expressions of shock. Sure enough, it really was the legendary rock star. I know it might be hard to believe, but back in the day, I was a huge rock ‘n’ roll fan. In 1972, I spent hours standing in a field in New Jersey to see Pink Floyd and the Doobie Brothers, among many other rock concerts. Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say hello to Alice Cooper. He shared that he had performed a concert in New York the night before with Deep Purple and The Edgar Winter Band and was just about to head out for his solo tour in Europe. For a rock star who made a name for himself after the chicken incident in 1969, Alice Cooper is a hell of a nice guy. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the chicken incident, let me explain. Back in 1969 Alice Cooper and his band were performing at the Toronto Rock & Roll Revival, a 12-hour music festival with a huge lineup of rock bands. When Alice Cooper was onstage performing, he noticed a chicken next to him, and thinking it could fly because it had feathers, he threw it out into the audience, where, sadly, it was torn apart. And in the world of no PR is bad PR, it made the band get noticed in a big way. Here’s another part of the story of that infamous night that only few know: Before Alice even got onstage, he negotiated a strategic move with the promoters. At the time John Lennon had just

split from the Beatles and performing at the Toronto music festival would be his first appearance on his own. Alice Cooper turned down a 30 percent take on the revenue split, opting instead for $1 if they would put him at the prime-time slot in between John Lennon and The Doors. Now that’s what I call a smart business move.

I enjoyed talking with Alice, as we discussed music, the various places he’d been, and the shows I’ve seen over the years. At one point, I mentioned my 1968 Oldsmobile 4-4-2, and I was shocked to learn Alice Cooper is a car guy, too (he has many more cars than I do!). Before the conversation was over, he even introduced us to his wife, Sheryl Goddard. You’d expect a rock star in his late 60s to be with a woman half his age, but those two have been together since they were married in 1976. When it came time to work on this issue of the newsletter, I knew, without a doubt, that this is the story I would be telling. How could I not? And, this also happens to be a great example of the kind of stories you should share in your own newsletter. As an Insider’s Circle member, you receive a done-for-you newsletter from us to send to

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The Power of Intuition

The first time I remember using my intuition I was 5 years old. A friend who was the same age encouraged me to go into the apartment complex community dryer. I was told it would be “like a ride” to spin around. I may have been young, but something deep inside me said, “Don’t go in.” Luckily for me, I listened to my gut instinct and ran out of the laundry room instead.

intuition is knowing without knowing. I’m a highly intuitive person, and I use intuition as a guide for making decisions in my life in the same way that I use logic.

and I’ve bought and sold our homes. Three times, we bought low and sold high, and the decision was made in a short window of time — all from a strong hunch I had. While most artistic people use intuition in their creative process, many successful business people do, too. It played a big role in Steve Jobs’ life, and one of his many quotes on the subject is, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Here’s the thing: We all have intuition. Some people choose not to use theirs. Instead, they turn it off like a faucet or pull it down like a window shade and ignore it. Those people only rely on logic for making their decisions. Then, there is a group of people who hear their instinctive messages but don’t act on them. Those individuals might want to act on their intuition, but they are afraid to. They are afraid that they might be wrong and the consequences won’t be worth the risk.

The Oxford Dictionary defines intuition as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” Simply put, intuition is knowing without knowing. I’m a highly intuitive person, and I use intuition as a guide for making decisions in my life in the same way that I use logic. Intuition is like a muscle: The more you use it, the stronger it gets. The reason intuition plays a big role in my decision- making is because it has, for the most part, always been right. That’s a pretty bold statement, but it’s true. When I get an instinctive feeling about something, I share it with Michael like it is a fact. But I also add as a disclaimer, “I don’t know all of the facts, or I might be wrong, but when was the last time I was wrong about an instinct?” Remember, I’ve been consistently using this muscle since at least the age of 5 — my arm muscles should be this toned! And to be clear, an instinctive feeling is different than something I wish to be true. Sometimes, a thought will just pop into my mind that is either a solution to a problem, an idea for my business, or something I need to do in my life. Other times, it’s something I feel within myself. Besides using it for saving my life (on more than that one dryer incident), I’ve used intuition for big decisions. One example is the three times Michael

Here’s my question for you: What kind of person are you? Do you use your instincts on a regular

basis? Have you turned it off or are you afraid to use your instincts even though you want to? It’s something to think about, because if you do decide to tune in to yourself and listen to those flash or instinctive messages, you might be surprised to learn how right they are and how much ‘Knowing without Knowing’ is already inside you.

– Roslyn Rozbruch

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Referral marketing — whether it’s from other professionals or your clients — is a lucrative, efficient, and low-cost way to get new clients. It’s actually one of the best ways to get new clients because there is a trust already built from the person referring someone to you. There are three specific ingredients to getting retained from referrals. Dan Kennedy calls this The Three I’s: Intentional, Investment, and Integrated. The first ingredient is intentional. You have to be intentional in getting the lead all the way through the sale. You need to embed with the prospective client that you are a referral-based firm and that your firm thrives on referrals and that they are expected. You should mention this in all of your emails and marketing materials. The second ingredient is investment. Know it’s going to cost something to make sure your clients refer people to you, so make sure that you’re able to invest in getting referrals from your clients. That may mean running some PRACTICE CORNER FROM THE Personal covers are incredibly effective, especially if you have a story that will resonate with your readers. Let’s say you’re a CPA who specializes in the construction industry, and you happen to meet the head guy of the association at a conference. If you chat with him, get a picture, and put that story on your newsletter cover, it’s sure to interest your readers who work in construction and will likely BY MICHAEL ROZBRUCH your clients, referral sources, and leads. The idea is to make it as easy as possible to send out your newsletter, but don’t think every part of that newsletter is set in stone. If you have an interesting personal story you want to share, by all means, use it in place of the done-for-you cover!

know who that guy is. Stories like this make you human, and that’s important, because people don’t want to do business with companies; they want to do business with other people. What’s more, when you are able to associate yourself with a celebrity, it adds to your credibility as the expert and gives your business a boost. It was fun talking with Alice, and learning that not only is he a

good entertainer, but also good at business, and that made me like him even more!

– Michael Rozbruch


Ingredients to Getting More Referrals

kind of referral rewards program, where, if they refer a certain number of people (even just one), they receive a gift certificate for dinner, tickets to the theater or a sporting event, etc. The third ingredient is that it needs to be integrated. For example, when you came into my office, I had testimonial books on my coffee table. I had brochures, I had newsletters, and I had framed Offer in Compromise acceptance letters on the walls, sometimes with pictures of the clients. I had a video loop running in the lobby on a flat- screen TV with video testimonials from clients. Make sure you integrate testimonial marketing throughout your entire office and practice. And here’s another tip: Are you getting referrals from your staff? You should be. If your staff isn’t referring to their circle of influence, you have a problem. You may have a communication problem. So, revisit why your staff should be referring clients to you. It’s that important!

– Michael Rozbruch

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Jong Lee had 20-plus years of experience as a forensic auditor when he was introduced to tax resolution. As an auditor, he investigated clients’ records and multiple employers’ trust funds for proper benefit contributions, and he viewed tax resolution as a similar service. “The investigative audit was a large part of my practice,” Jong says. “Tax resolution is a quite similar approach, and so when I was introduced to it, I felt it was a natural progression.” But natural and easy are two different things. Jong says he ran into challenges when he first decided to focus on tax resolution about three years ago. “It was an awfully lonely proposition because I really did not have any resources to address the problems I had,” he says. “I didn’t know whom to ask or where to go for answers. So, I did the best I could with the limited knowledge I had at the time.” But now that he is working with Michael and is a member in Michael’s mastermind group and also ASTPS, it has opened up the horizon. “There’s a wealth of knowledge out there to help clients, as well as good resources to increase my practice in terms of dollar amount.” Jong credits the mastermind group for providing helpful input and building his confidence as a tax resolution expert. A recent meeting in Los Angeles JONG LEE, CPA, DBA, EA SPOTLIGHT: MEMBER MASTERMIND MEMBER

provided the resources he needed to resolve some staffing issues he was facing. “The mastermind group definitely helps,” he says. “We had a meeting in Los Angeles, and I was going through staffing problems. I received helpful input from other members. It is great working with 25 like-minded people who can help me.” Jong also credits being in the mastermind for increasing his confidence to conduct direct marketing and to present himself as a tax resolution expert. In fact, he is on the verge of signing with a radio program to provide expert advice over the airwaves. Adopting Michael’s pricing structure has done the most to build Jong’s confidence. He says that in the past he was at his clients’ mercy. “Then, it was ‘If you pay me, I’m so grateful,’” he laughs. “Now, I feel comfortable and can speak confidently about pricing. I have the attitude that says, ‘I’m an expert, and I want to get paid what I’m worth.’” Today, Jong’s tax resolution practice in Oakland, California, is thriving. He and his wife of almost 50 years enjoy the Bay Area (except, perhaps, for the traffic), and Jong spends his leisure time reading and writing, and he recently took up boxing. He loves a challenge!

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HERE’S WHAT ONE PERSON HAS TO SAY: “We’ve had a 96 percent client take rate that we’ve shown. In total, we will have added about $50,000 in additional net income this tax season. We can’t believe how easy this was to implement. And the best part is this will become a recurring annual income event year after year.” –Chris Churchwell, CPA

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A shout-out to all of our members who took advantage of their 50 percent member discount and came to our second SOLD-OUT annual Success Summit! It is always great to meet you in person and hear about your successes. Besides Michael teaching from the stage for two days, we had motivational and inspirational speaker Kute Blackson as our keynote speaker. Roslyn worked hard to make sure the event went off without a

hitch and added her special touches and yummy food for the attendees, including a hosted cocktail hour and Insider’s Circle members-only lunch. Becky and Sue worked hard setting up and registering all our guests. For those of you who couldn’t attend this year’s event, we hope to see you next year! (But remember to register early as we were sold out four weeks before the event.)

Antonio, Karina, and Becky, Manager of Client Happiness

Lynne, Nancy, Mary, Robert, Kimmy

Sue, Roslyn, Barbara of BBI, and Becky

Jushun, Rodrick, Darryl

Greg, Brian, and Ann Marie

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O U T S !

Michael, Roslyn, and Kute Blackson, keynote speaker

Congratulations to Josh Dixon for sharing his success using Thumbtack! Josh heard me talk about using Thumbtack as an inexpensive marketing strategy at our Nashville event and also saw the video that was in the weekly emails we sent out. Josh spent a grand total of $81.76 testing and experimenting. The leads that became customers cost him $15.03 each! That led to four new customers, $5,450 in the bank, and another $4,500- plus to be paid in the near future. He spent just $81.76 all-in and generated almost $10,000 in new business using Michael’s system and recommendations.

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11271 Ventura Blvd #612 Studio City, CA 91604 Inside This Issue pg 1 ∙ Rockin’ in Rhode Island pg 2 ∙ The Power of Intuition pg 3 ∙ From the Practice Corner pg 4 ∙ Member Spotlight pg 5 ∙ Free Online Master Class pg 6 ∙ Shout-Outs! pg 8 ∙ IRS Terror Tale of the Month


Earl Simmons, better known as rapper DMX, has stood in the spotlight since his earliest singles dropped in the 1990s. Simmons’ first five albums each debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts, making him the only artist in history to do so. Many of these albums would go platinum, and a number of singles stayed on the charts for weeks. This included the 2003 song “X Gon’ Give It to Ya,” which recently experienced something of a revival after being featured in the 2016 hit film “Deadpool.” Though he earned millions from song royalties, album sales, concert tickets, and celebrity appearances, Simmons is accused of failing to pay the IRS their due. Acting U.S. attorney Joon H. Kim, who will preside over the case, states Simmons “went out of his way” to evade his tax responsibilities. Supposedly, the rapper ran an elaborate scheme for years, avoiding personal bank accounts, paying personal expenses in cash, and setting up accounts in other people’s names. Once, when appearing on an episode of “Celebrity Couples Therapy,” Simmons refused to

film the show unless he was issued a check without withholding any taxes. Ultimately, Simmons could owe over $1.7 million if charged with 14 counts:

• One count of corruptly endeavoring to obstruct and impede the due administration of internal revenue laws • One count of evasion of payment of income taxes • Six counts of evasion of assessment of income tax liability • Six counts of failure to file a U.S. individual income tax return In July 2017, after surrendering to authorities, the rapper pled “not guilty” to all charges and left police custody after posting his $500,000 bail. The case is still ongoing, but if convicted, Simmons could face up to 44 years in jail. And if he gets jail time, he might change his genre from singing rap to singing the blues.

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