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APRIL 2018


The absolute worst occurrence still makes me angry to think about. I was taking a quick lunch, and I needed to make eight deposits into the business account. I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands, so I pulled into the drive-through with my fast-food lunch on the passenger seat. After sending my deposits up through the pneumatic tube, the teller promptly shot them back to me. She said eight deposits was too many for the drive-through, and I needed to come inside. Annoyed, I wondered how eight could be too many if she was able to send them back to me, but I parked and went inside.

After I handed my deposits over, the teller took them to the drive-through window — the same one I supposedly couldn’t use earlier — and started to place the money into the account. However, every time someone came through the drive-through, she put my deposits aside

“Eventually, I left the bank with a cold lunch and an awful mood.”

and took care of that customer first. Shocked, I asked for a manager. After telling her the whole story, I asked her, “Why are you punishing your customers with a lot of deposits?” She said, “We aren’t trying to punish anyone! But we especially don’t want to punish those who have very few deposits.” I looked at her, dumbfounded. What sense did that make? Why would you not take care of each customer in the order they came into the bank, and why would you make a customer with a somewhat large deposit seem like an inconvenience? Eventually, I left the bank with a cold lunch and an awful mood. From that moment, I knew we had to switch banks. Looking back at this experience, I have to wonder, “Is there any process or policy that makes my customers feel undervalued?” Are we punishing our customers? It’s not my customers’ duty to know all of our policies. Their role is simply to bring us dirty clothes to be dry cleaned. That is why I try my hardest to listen to feedback we receive, making sure there is no way my customers leave our business feeling the way I did when I left the bank. We pride ourselves on our service, and we are always looking for ways to improve it.

Like most people, I have experienced some truly great customer service in my life, and I’ve been subjected to awful service, as well. Unfortunately, the instances when we are treated badly tend to stick out more in our minds than the times service was impeccable. As a business owner, I look at bad service differently than some people do. The times I experience bad service can actually be of value to me and my business model, since these instances are prime examples of the thing we don’t want to do at Janet Davis Cleaners. When I was 16, I opened a checking and savings account with the same local bank that my dad used for the business. I enjoyed working with the bank employees, because they always knew my name and face. They treated me like a valued customer. After a while, that bank was bought out, and their service went completely downhill. Several times over the ensuing years, this bank subjected me to the worst service I have ever received in my life.

–Kyle Matthews

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