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Best-in-Class Brandables We call our data-led approach to higher performing influencer cam- paigns, Brandables. Working with data-driven trends from Ahalogy- Muse, this Best-in-Class Trend Outlook includes campaign examples for Hispanic Brands, Baby & Nutrition, Baking, and much more! Here are a few of our favorite Brandables created by Ahalogy Part- ners—a network made up of 10,000+ talented influencers, photogra- phers, and top-notch content creators.

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Just as hydration is key for health, Brandables top tier con- tent is essential for successful social campaigns.

The following chapter includes Brandables examples from Ahalogy Partners on a variety of Water campaigns, ranging from mocktail motivation to hydration routine hacks.

In Collaboration with: More Than a Tie with Perrier CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

Want to know what’s keeping customers feeling bubbly while cutting out cocktails and other alcoholic beverages in January? More than a Tie suggested that shoppers use Perrier® as a sparkling swap in mocktails at parties. Not only is this option delicious—Perrier® Carbonated Min- eral Water keeps consumers hydrated and feeling included in festivities during the new year, dry January time period.


Mock t a i l s

Dry January

Spark l i ng Swaps

12 | Nestlé Lookbook

In Collaboration with: Marnie Rae with San Pelligrino CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

Looking to elevate your holiday hosting? Marnie Rae has her audience covered with Target and S. Pellegrino “pop and pour” options—they make serving guests easy and eye-catching, too! Whether arranged on a bar cart or paired with a snack board spread, S. Pellegrino is sure to have guests saying “Sip, sip, hurray!” all throughout the holidays.


Carbona t ed Wa t e r

Al coho l -Fre e Ent e r t a i n i ng

Ho l i day Ho s t i ng

14 | Nestlé Lookbook

In Collaboration with: Mash Forooz with Poland Spring CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

Shoppers are on the run and thirsty for some hydration. Mash Forooz shared with audiences that Poland Spring from ABSCo is her drink of choice to keep her moving during her daily jogs. Poland Spring contains naturally occurring electrolytes for a crisp and refreshing taste, all contained in a responsibly sourced, recycled bottle— making it an easy (and delicious!) choice for this influ- encer and her followers.


Hydra t i on Rout i ne

Da i l y Fi tne s s Rout i ne

Sus t a i nab i l i t y

16 | Nestlé Lookbook


There are endless ways to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee from the comfort of one’s home. Our network of influencers have brewed up several trend-driven twists to enhance audiences’ everyday coffee experiences! Check out the following chapter, which is complete with examples of high-quality branded influencer content to inspire future campaign planning for Nestlé.


In Collaboration with: Sugar Cream and Peonies

From coffee dates to gift packages, a cup of coffee is the best beverage to bond over and share. Sugar Cream and Peonies told audiences how she and her husband cherish every moment they have together when he’s not deployed, especially with their morning cup of Nescafé® Clásico TM . For the perfect coffee companion, besides her husband of course, Sugar Cream and Peonies shared her recipe for Chocolate-Dipped Spiced Shortbread Coffee Dunkers using just three simple main ingredients—all available at your neighborhood Walmart.


Fa l l Bak i ng

Morn i ng Rout i ne

Co f f e e Pa i r i ng s

20 | Nestlé Lookbook


In Collaboration with: A Bubbly Life

For A Bubbly Life , no accent piece is too flowery—espe- cially when it comes to her Spring Floral Coffee Bar. Inspired by the cheery yellow color theme of Starbucks® Blonde Sunrise Blend, available at Walmart, she inspired audiences with her springtime spread of coffee mix-ins like syrups, spices, cookie straws, donuts, and floral décor.


Spr i ng t ime Ent e r t a i n i ng

Eas t e r Brunch

Co f f e e Bar

22 | Nestlé Lookbook

The Lavender Ladies shared with shoppers a whole host of hacks on How to Be the Hostess with the Most-ess with COFFEE MATE®. She started by inspiring audiences to keep a collection of powdered coffee creamers out for guests, including several flavor varieties. Thanks to NESTLÉ® COFFEE MATE®’s low-maintenance nature and easy accessibility at Walmart, shoppers can effort- lessly set up a cute coffee cart to greet guests with a warm, welcoming cup. In Collaboration with: The Lavender Ladies with COFFEE MATE® CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE


Co f f e e Car t Insp i ra t i on

Ent e r t a i n i ng Hack s

Ho l i day Ho s t i ng

24 | Nestlé Lookbook

In Collaboration with: Only Girl 4 Boyz with Nescafé RTD CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

Busy moms are always looking for the perfect on-the-go and out-the-door morning solutions. Only Girl 4 Boyz shared with shoppers that Nescafé Protein Smoothies from Walmart are her go-to morning grab for a boost of energy, a punch of 15g of plant protein, and an artificial sweetener-free breakfast. Talk about a satisfying morning shortcut for time-crunched audiences everywhere!


On- t he -Go Br eak f as t

P l ant Pro t e i n

Bus y Mom So l ut i ons

26 | Nestlé Lookbook


When it comes to inspiring pet owners with on-trend Pet content featuring your brand, look no further! In the following chapter, you’ll find top tier influencer content around pet-proofing homes, choosing the proper pet nutri- tion, and more! Take a look at our top-of-the-line branded influencer content examples to inspire future campaign planning for Nestlé.

In Collaboration with: Walk in Love with Purina CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

Proper pet nutrition is a hot topic for millennial pet owners, and they’re selective when it comes to choosing the right food for their little critters. Walk in Love has had plenty of experience feeding cats after raising 11 kitties over the course of her ten-year marriage. She shared, along with an expanse of other helpful tips, that Purina ONE is her top pick to keep her feline friends feeling feisty and fun since it keeps them healthy and is readily available at Target.


Pe t Mea l Pre p

Fur Bab y Care

Ki t t y Car e

30 | Nestlé Lookbook

In Collaboration with: Live Free Creative Co. with Purina CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

Live Free Creative Co. shared with shoppers how she was making her new house a home for her family—including her four-legged family members! This re-nesting included creating a home for all of her dog’s supplies. She encour- aged shoppers to store their dog’s food in the kitchen in air tight containers so that it is easily accessible. Speaking of easily accessible, Live Free Creative Co. also informed customers that her top pick for pet nutrition is Purina Beneful, made with only wholesome ingredients and read- ily available at her neighborhood Target.


Pe t Nut r i t i on

Pe t S t orag e

Dog Home Hack s

32 | Nestlé Lookbook

In Collaboration with: An Unblurred Lady with Purina CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

A pampered pet is a happy pet, but it can get expensive quickly! Purina partnered up with An Unblurred Lady to inspire shoppers with budget-friendly ideas and ways to save at Sam’s Club, all the while pampering their puppies and treating them to a healthy lifestyle. An Unblurred Lady informed audiences of the health benefits she’s noticed in her pup, thanks to Purina ONE, and she also encouraged shoppers to incorporate energetic activities into their furry friends’ lives.


Fur ry Fr i e nds Ac t i v i t i e s

Pe t Food Rout i ne

Pe t Hea l t h & We l l ne s s

34 | Nestlé Lookbook

SECT ION FOUR Baby & Nutrition

In the following chapter, you’ll find a sampling of some of our favorite Brandables, created by our talented pool of Baby Care and Nutrition-conscience influencers. Follow along to see how they incorporated trend-driven ideas into high-quality branded content for Social through beautiful photography, authentic copy, creativity, and more.

In Collaboration with: Kristin Jones with Gerber CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

A major part of growing a strong, healthy baby is proper nutrition. Kristin Jones shared that she trusts Gerber Apple Blueberry and Spinach Pouches to nourish her little one. This grab-and-go organic option from Target is the perfect mess-free and easy choice for busy (but picky!) parents.


Bab y Bag Es s e nt i a l s

Bab y Nut r i t i on

On- t he -Go f or Bab y

38 | Nestlé Lookbook

In Collaboration with: Simply Clarke with Gerber CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

Just because toddlers are little, doesn’t mean they don’t have taste! Simply Clarke knows through first-hand experience that snack time can be tough with a toddler, but thankfully she has formed a whole slew of hacks to appease her picky little one. Simply Clarke inspired audiences to go into the grocery store with a game plan for “mom approved” snacks, like Gerber Organic Snacks! She added an extra layer of kid-approved fun with creative snack arrangements, interesting places for snack time, and more.


Snack Time f or Ki ds

Nut r i t i on f or Ev e ry Ag e

On- t he -Go Snack i ng

40 | Nestlé Lookbook


In Collaboration with: Beautiful Eats and Things

Dietary requirements involve a lot of planning and educa- tion. As a Registered Dietician, Beautiful Eats and Things was able to share her suggestions for how to incorporate protein into meals, snacking, and following a workout. Since this sponsored post was targeted at audiences with diabetes, she even gave information on how to manage blood sugar levels. Beautiful Easts and Things highly recommended BOOST Glucose Control for its delicious flavor and also because it provides 25 essential vitamins and minerals for the nutrition audiences with diabetes require each day.


Hi gh Pro t e i n Mea l s

D i e t ary Requ i reme nt s

Mea l P l ann i ng wi t h D i abe t e s

42 | Nestlé Lookbook

with Carnation Breakfast Essentials CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

In Collaboration with: The Girl in the Red Shoes

Everyone’s heard the phrase, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and the expression definitely rings true as shoppers search for ways to start their morn- ings on the right foot with perfect morning meal. The Girl in the Red Shoes inspired shoppers with imagery of her balanced breakfast plate, including berries, pancakes, and Carnation Breakfast Essentials from Target–packed with 13g of protein, 21 vitamins and minerals, plenty of calcium, and more.


Ba l anc ed Break f as t

Pro t e i n Pack ed Mea l s

Qu i ck Morn i ng Rout i ne

44 | Nestlé Lookbook

SECT ION F IVE Frozen Food

Frozen meals can serve as way more than food in a flash. Our team of influencers served up inspiration on a variety of content, ranging from vegan on-the-go options to deli- cious weeknight family dishes. Check out a few of our favorite Brandables created by Ahal- ogy Partners—a team of over 10,000 skilled influencers, photographers, and top-notch content creators.

In Collaboration with: Simlpy Lakita with Sweet Earth® CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

We all want to have a calm and productive morning before getting the day started, but unfortunately mornings can be chaotic and require on-the-go options. Simply Lakita shared that she stores Sweet Earth® Big Sur Burritos in her freezer to get the day started right. They’re a handy grab-and-go option in the morning that doesn’t sacrifice nutritious ingredients. This delicious meal is a blend of seasoned tofu, smoked seitan, roasted potatoes, and red peppers, all wrapped up in a portable tortilla package and readily available at Walmart.


On- t he -Go Break f as t

Ve gan

Froz e n Gourme t

48 | Nestlé Lookbook


In Collaboration with: House of Nash Eats

House of Nash Eats shared an autumnal recipe that audi- ences are sure to fall in love with. By simply boiling Bui- toni® Three Cheese Tortellini; searing with mushrooms, bacon, and chicken; whisking with a decadent pumpkin sauce; and baking in the oven, shoppers can enjoy a cheesy gourmet dish in only 30 minutes—making it the perfect solution for shoppers who are short on time but who don’t want to sacrifice flavor!


30-Mi nut e Mea l s

Pumpk i n

We e kn i gh t D i nne r s

50 | Nestlé Lookbook

SECT ION S IX Global/Hispanic Brands We understand how important representation is in order to make diverse audiences feel seen, valued, and respected. That’s why we make a vigilant effort to select top-tier creators from a range of different cultures. We’re lucky to have many talented influencers from different ethnic back- grounds in our network. The following chapter displays a few of our favorite recent Hispanic campaigns, sharing content on delicious side dishes, traditional dishes with a twist, and more.


In Collaboration with: Unicorns in the Kitchen

Whether shoppers are looking to expand their horizons or just looking for pointers on this traditional Mexican dish, they are sure to enjoy Unicorns in the Kitchen’s Arroz Rojo recipe. Made with MAGGI® Granulated Chicken Bullion from Walmart, oil, long grain white rice, tomatoes, and tomato sauce, this easy restaurant-style rice pairs per- fectly with grilled chicken or shrimp and can be stored in the freezer as a simple side dish staple. Muy delicioso!


Mex i can Cu i s i ne

S i de D i sh S t ap l e s

Aut he nt i c D i she s

54 | Nestlé Lookbook

In Collaboration with: Olivia’s Cuisine with Le Lechera® CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

We’re huge flans of this spin on a traditional dessert recipe! Olivia’s Cuisine merged a Brazilian treat with classic holiday flavors with her deliciously unique Ginger- bread Flan. Made with NESTLÉ® La Lechera® Sweetened Condensed Milk—found in the baking aisle at Walmart— ginger, chocolate, honey, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, this festive and decadent dish is sure to be a hit at any holiday party.


Ho l i day Bak i ng

Trad i t i ona l D i she s wi t h a Twi s t

Ho l i day Ho s t i ng

56 | Nestlé Lookbook

In Collaboration with: Love and Adventures in the City with ABUELITA TM CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE

Love and Adventures in the City shared with shoppers that NESTLÉ® ABUELITA™ is more than a cup of delicious Mexican hot chocolate—it’s a tradition. For Love and Adventures in the City , Sunday mornings always include catching up with her mother over a nice hot cup of NESTLÉ® ABUELITA™, which she can conveniently find at nearby H-E-B stores. We love how she encouraged audiences to share time and a cup of hot chocolate with loved ones and to celebrate ABUELITA™ Hot Chocolate’s 80 years of bringing Hispanic families together.


Morn i ng Rout i ne

Mex i can Ho t Choco l a t e

Fami l y Trad i t i ons

58 | Nestlé Lookbook


We’re proud to display the sweet content our network of talented influencers whipped up for a vast array of audi- ences. Ranging from inspiration on Nestle Clean Label baking solutions to batches of seasonal treats, these Brand- ables are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Continue on to discover branded influencer content exam- ples, specifically served to treat the Nestle brand.

When it comes to fall baking, Gift of Hospitality’s seasonal dessert surely takes the cake. Gift of Hospitality hit a stroke of genius by putting NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE®’s new Pumpkin Spice Flavor Filled Baking Truffles, that she found at her local Walmart, in a traditional chocolate chip cookie cake. By sprinkling NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE®’s Semi Sweet Morsels into the cake and ornamenting with salted maple buttercream, this seasonal spin on a tradi- tional dessert served as the perfect fall birthday recipe, Thanksgiving dessert, or family gathering dish. In Collaboration with: Gift of Hospitality with TOLL HOUSE® CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE


Thank s g i v i ng De s s e r t

Fa l l Bak i ng

Fr i e nds g i v i ng

62 | Nestlé Lookbook

What’s better than a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie? Nothing... except when you top it off with chocolate frosting! A Classic Twist inspired audiences with her easy and delicious cookie recipe that’s sure to be a treat at any holiday party. She whipped up a batch of baked goodness by simply stopping at Walmart for NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels and NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® Chocolate Powder. Since NESTLÉ® is made with only trustworthy ingredients, she was able to decorate dozens of cookies with the help of her toddler without worrying about him swiping little handfuls of chocolate chips. In Collaboration with: A Classic Twist with Nestlé Clean Label CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE


Ho l i day Bak i ng

Fun Todd l e r Ac t i v i t i e s

Ki d -Sa f e Ingred i e nt s

64 | Nestlé Lookbook


We’re not sure what’s the bigger treat: Ice Cream or these family-focused Brandables examples that give audiences the scoop on how to incorporate Nestle Ice Cream into their everyday celebrations. The following chapter contains branded influencer content from our Partner Network, made up of over 10,000 tal- ented influencers and top-of-the-line content creators.

For audiences searching for a summer full of epic adven- tures, Tamara Camera Blog treated customers to the coolest solution. Her Summer Bucket List Jar is about the simple pleasures of summer, like an air-conditioned day in the library, evenings catching fireflies, and enjoying cold treats like Nestle’s Outshine Bars. She inspired shoppers to create a jar that’s full of fun summertime activities and to keep a freezer stashed with healthy treats that kids can enjoy and parents can feel good about. In Collaboration with: Tamara Camera Blog with Nestlé Ice Cream CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE


Summe r Buck e t Li s t

Summe r t ime Fami l y Ac t i v i t i e s

Hea l t hy Trea t s

68 | Nestlé Lookbook

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream—espe- cially during the summer! Posh in Progress shared with shoppers how she shares meaningful moments with her children during the summer season. She’s able to stop and enjoy sweet moments with her kids thanks to NESTLÉ Drumsticks, available at Vons. Posh in Progress enjoyed this traditional treat as a kid with her family and was able to relive those memories with new flavors like Dulce de Leche, which her kiddos equally enjoyed. In Collaboration with: Posh in Progress with Nestlé Ice Cream CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE


Fami l y Time

Summe r t ime Tr ea t s

Ic e Cream

70 | Nestlé Lookbook

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea com- modo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident. Chapter Title TREND OUTLOOK T I TLE When it comes to driving sales (and proving impact), the Ahalogy solution is unmatched. As part of Quotient, Ahalogy has access to Quotient’s data and third-party mea- surement solutions. The following Success Stories not only include best-in-class influencer content and creative but real, measurable results for sales lift, ROAS, and more. Success Stories NÉSTLE TREND OUTLOOK

72 | Game Day with Frito Lay

Total Sales (In Exposed Markets)


Sales Lift


Total Incremental Dollars


Campaign Cost




Nescafé Clásico at Walmart SUCCESS STORY:

PROJECT OVERVI EW: For this campaign, Nestlé wanted to determine if paid media resulted in a sales lift for their Nescafé Clásico product. Quotient utilized audience and interest targeting, multi-platform activations, and trend-driven influencer content to drive awareness and in-store sales of Nescafé Clásico.

Source: IRI Measurement Results Q4 2018

74 | Nestlé Lookbook



The 2.05% lift seen for Purina ONE was slightly below the IRI-MMT digital sales lift benchmark for the General Merchandise category of 2.56% • This lift is strong considering the retail-specific nature of the read • Projected MULO ROAS is 2-3x the ROAS seen in Target only

Purina ONE at Target SUCCESS STORY:

PROJECT OVERVI EW: The objective of this campaign was to increase awareness of Purina ONE pet food in order to drive in store sales. This was accomplished through precise targeting of users & shoppers combined with unique reach achieved by activating on various social platforms.


TEST STORES VS CONTROL STORES 200 Test Stores Compared to 200 Control Stores

MEDIA EXPOSURE TO TEST STORE SHOPPERS Find Loyalty Card Shoppers Who Were Exposed to the Digital Ad


Capture Incremental Sales (Test vs. Control)

Source: IRI Measurement Results Q2 2019

76 | Nestlé Lookbook

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea com- modo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident. Chapter Title TREND OUTLOOK T I TLE SECT ION NINE Partn Ne work From the content they cr ate to the trends they inspire, we w uld be los without our Par ner Network. C m- prised of over 10,000+ photographers, bloggers, videogra- ph s, nd more, we’re con tantly growing and expanding our Part er Ne work in order to provide you with high-quality cr atives who are excited to work with yo r brand. Read on below o learn more about some of our top Nestlé influencers, all of whom have worked on multiple campaigns under Nestlé.

78 | Game Day with Frito Lay



A former art director in branding, Andi Mans is a 30-some- thin’ Florida gal, a true creative entrepreneur, a wife, and a mama to two fur babies. She created the “Andi Mans” brand in early 2010 with the idea to share not only her work but to help inspire women to find their passion and get inspired again. She acts as a lifestyle source that serves categories from home decor, fashion, recipes, travel encouragement and more. Follow along with her work and life through her website, blog and social media!

Brands: Garden of Life, & San Pellegrino

80 | Nestlé Lookbook

Powered by Muse | 81



Meet Kim, wife and mother to 3 beautiful kids that keep her on her toes! She loves running, eating and spending time with her family. Kim enjoys blogging as a way to stay connected to the outside world since becoming a SAHM. She’s a CA girl at heart, but now lives in IL. Get to know her signature recipe, lifestyle, and motherhood content through her blog and various social channels.

Brand: Starbucks

82 | Nestlé Lookbook

Powered by Muse | 83



Camille made a pact when she got married: one date a week, no matter what! In this lifestyle blog, she shares her weekly dates, family activities, and her favorite highlights of her life in hopes that readers feel inspired to go have their own experience feeling the lyrics “Friday I’m in Love.” On her site, you can expect fun date ideas, family activities/family dates, parenting, recipes, fashion/ personal style, beauty, home projects and decor, travel adventures, health and fitness, and some business/blog- ging posts, too.

Brands: Gerber

84 | Nestlé Lookbook

Powered by Muse | 85



Meet Vanessa, the blogger and photographer behind Smart Little Cookie . She’s a full-time working mommy, avid eater, aspiring baker and lover of all things chocolate. Smart Little Cookie is a bilingual food blog where she helps busy moms put together tasty traditional Dominican and Lat- in-inspired meals without having to spend tons of time in the kitchen. Join her for some deliciously simple recipes and foodie fun!

Brands: Nestlé Hispanic Baking

86 | Nestlé Lookbook

Powered by Muse | 87



Oriana is the face behind Mommy’s Home Cooking . She’s a wife, mother of three, recipe developer, photographer and food stylist, a well-known lover of easy recipes, and a full- time eggless recipes food blogger living in Virginia. Oriana was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where food goes far beyond just feeding the family—it’s an essential element of her culture, which presents love and tradition. When she’s not in the kitchen, she loves traveling, going to the beach, and experiencing life with her family.

Brands: Maggi

88 | Nestlé Lookbook

Powered by Muse | 89


A Classic Twist , Chocolate Chip Cookies with Chocloate Frosting A Bubbly Life , Spring Floral Coffee Bar Andi Mans , Healthy Kickstart with Garden of Life Grass-Fed Collagen Beauty Powder An Unblurred Lady , How I Choose My Puppy’s Food Beautiful Eats and Things , The Importance of Protein in Diabetes Friday We're in Love , Practicing Fine Motor Skills on the Go Gift of Hospitality , Pumpkin Spice Cookie Cake with Salted Maple Buttercream House of Nash Eats , Cheesy Tortellini & Chicken Pumpkin Alfredo Bake Kristin Jones , Easy Grub On-th-Go for Baby Live Free Creative Co. , How to Organize Pet Supplies at Home Love and Adventure in the City , Celebrating 80 Years of ABUELITA TM Marnie Rae , Pop and Pour Drinks for the Holidays Mash Forooz , Poland Spring at ABSCo Mommy's Home Cooking , Easy Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Skewers More Than a Tie , Bring Your Own Bubbles to Dry January Olivia’s Cuisine , Gingerbread Flan with NESTLÉ® La Lerchera® Only Girl 4 Boyz , My Grab-and-Go Breakfast for Busy Mornings Posh in Progress , 5 Simple Ways to Spend Time with Your Kids This Summer Simply Clarke , My Top 3 Tips for Snack Time with a Picky Toddler Simply Lakita , My Seceret to Delicious Weekday Mornings Smart Little Cookie , Butter Cookies (Mantecaditos) Sugar Cream and Peonies , Chocloate-Dipped Spiced Shortbread Coffee Dunkers Tamara Camera Blog , Make a Summer Bucket List Jar The Girl in the Red Shoes , Essential Nutrition for Back-to-School Mornings The Lavendar Ladies , How to Be the Hostess with the Most-ess with COFFEE MATE®; Star- bucks Caramel Coffee

Unicorns in the Kitchen , Easy Mexican Rice Recipe (Arroz Rojo) Walk in Love , 4 Tips to Keeping Your House Fresh, Even with Cats

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