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So often, people get caught up in the chaos that surrounds the holidays and forget why they are celebrating in the first place. In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, families brave the stores to go shopping for supplies, rid their house of every speck of dust, and spend hours assiduously prepping the plump turkey. This hectic schedule causes many people (myself included) to lose sight of what is truly important this time of year: gratefulness. That is why I want to spend some time this month focusing on the people I am most grateful for. My employees and many of my patients know that this year was particularly tough for me. Near the end of February, I was in an accident that separated my quadriceps from the bone in my leg. The quadriceps make up the great extensor muscle group that covers the front

Being a physically active person both inside and outside of work, those six weeks were particularly difficult to endure. But what helped me keep my composure was knowing that my team here at Gilbert Physical Therapy could successfully keep the practice up and running in my absence. I always knew that my employees were phenomenal workers, but up until the accident, I’d never had to fully entrust the practice

to them. During those six weeks, the staff not only kept the clinic running; they helped it grow. I am so thankful for their hard work, their dedication, and their support. I appreciate them so much more than they’ll ever know. In addition to the support I received in my professional life, the support I received from my family is what inspired me to persevere through months of arduous rehabilitation. I am always thankful for the life I share with my wife and my kids, but during my recovery, we were able to go on some vacations that gave me fresh perspectives. One of our trips was to Raystown Lake. Before the trip, my wife and I were unsure that I would even be able to get on the boat. Fortunately, I was able to, and the experience turned out far better than we could have ever imagined. The water was pristine, the weather was beautiful, and my kids water- skied for the first time ever. Because I was unable to exert myself physically, I was able to sit back and reflect on how thankful I am for my family.

During the last few months of my rehabilitation, my family has continued to inspire me to persevere. Before the accident, I served as the assistant coach for my son’s wrestling team, and my ultimate goal is to get far enough in my recovery that I can resume that position. I’ve spent hours upon hours doing the exercises I ask my patients to do. I had to teach myself how to walk and how to sit down in a chair again. Then, in August, I was able to go on my first jog. While the recovery from this accident has been one of the hardest experiences of my life, in a way, I’m grateful for it. It has reminded me, my family, my employees, and my patients of the importance of physical therapy. While I was never one to merely preach the merits of my vocation, throughout this year, my job has become something I truly revel in sharing with others. I live it, I breathe it, and I’m thankful that the accident served as a blessing in disguise.



and sides of the femur bone. Put simply, it’s a huge muscle group that you use a lot, so any injury involving it is extremely painful. I had emergency surgery to repair the tear and had to spend six weeks in a straight-leg brace to keep me from moving it. While the brace was helping me heal, it prevented me from bending my leg completely, so I couldn’t walk or even sit down in a chair normally.

–Dr. Michael Gilbert, DPT | 1

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