BGMC Handbook 2013

The BGMC is subject to all federal, state, and local laws governing the operation of not-for-profit corporations. Members of the Board of Directors are the legal officers of the Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus, Inc.

A. Board Structure

The nine-member Board of Directors is responsible for:


 

Setting policy

 Hiring, firing, and supervising employees  Making all administrative and financial decisions governing the operations of the BGMC You, the members, elect the board by secret ballot. Elections are held at the annual member meeting of the BGMC, Inc. The annual meeting is usually built into our "wrap" party after the spring concert. The Board of Directors then elects from its ranks the officers: the president, vice-president, and secretary. Officers serve one- year terms. A treasurer, appointed and supervised by the Board of Directors, manages the financial affairs of the chorus. The treasurer must be a BGMC member in good standing but is not a member of the board unless he or she chooses to run and is elected to a seat.

B. Board Service

Board service is a three-year, unpaid, volunteer role. Any BGMC member in good standing may run for a seat on the


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