BGMC Handbook 2013

● Musical interpretation

The Board of Directors, acting under the BGMC by-laws, is the ultimate decision-making authority. When musical matters are involved, the AD acts in consultation with the board. At every rehearsal, a professional piano accompanist works with the Artistic Director to help you learn the music. Debi Overton-Niles, our accompanist, is supervised by the AD and is a BGMC employee.

D. Section Leaders

Section leaders are appointed by the AD and the board and are strongly encouraged to attend board meetings. They operate in a manner analogous to the Principal or 1 st chair in professional orchestras. Section leaders, under the leadership of the AD, provide direct musical guidance to section members. We encourage you to bring musical questions, attendance issues, or other concerns to your section leader. He can usually supply quick and knowledgeable answers without interrupting the AD, especially during rehearsals.

Read your section leader’s e-mail and alert him right away when you are unable to attend a rehearsal.

E. Regular Rehearsals

Aim your GPS or online mapping service to:

St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church 51 Colonial Circle Buffalo, NY 14222


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