BGMC Handbook 2013

Rehearsals are held in the Parish Hall on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm sharp. Responsibility for bringing break-time refreshments rotates among the four sections. There is usually ample, free on-street parking in the neighborhood.

F. Music

After your audition, our music librarian will assign you a number for the duration of your membership. You will get a binder with this number filled with a set of music. As new pieces are introduced, they will be numbered before distribution. You just pull the copy with your number and add it to your binder. Binders are collected from each member after the fall and spring concerts. Music provided for concerts is the property of the BGMC and all of it must be returned with your binders. You are financially responsible for any lost music.

Please make any notations in pencil , not ink or marker, so that your music can be reused by another singer.

When you return for the next semester, your binder will be filled with new music for the next concert.

G. Merry Committee

Since rehearsal time has to be devoted to, well, rehearsing, the Merry Committee is charged with organizing opportunities for hanging out, schmoozing, cruising, and basically enjoying each other’s company. If you enjoy organizing outings and get- togethers, you’re a natural for the Merry Committee. Its goals are to:


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