BGMC Handbook 2013

and chorus happenings and serves to create excitement about all things BGMC.

Prime your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to buy concert tickets by adding their names to the Crescendo mailing list. Please give their addresses, both postal and e-mail, to the chorus member who maintains our mailing list.

J. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts with the embroidered BGMC logo are available for $30-$35, depending on market rates and the size of the order. Your first BGMC polo shirt is half price, a one-time-only discount for new members. All subsequent shirts are full price, even if you withdraw from the chorus and return at a later date. Polo shirts are usually ordered once per semester.

Here is the cost breakdown:

The shirt ranges from $20- $25 The BGMC logo costs about $10 Tax and shipping are extra

  

K. Concert CDs

Every singer who performs in a concert gets one copy of the concert CD at a reduced rate. Additional CDs cost $10 each. They make terrific gifts and can be ordered through our website or purchased at our concerts.

L. Website:

You will be given a user name and password to access the


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