BGMC Handbook 2013

Singer section of the website. It includes:

● Our membership list ● BGMC by-laws ● Advertising rates for concert programs ● Leadership contact information ● eBlast archives ● Downloadable copies of the Singer's Handbook

● MP3 practice files of the full scores of each piece, as well as MP3 files for each voice part. Our volunteers spend a huge amount of time producing these custom files, so please be patient if they are not immediately available.

6. What We Expect of You

You can't build a society purely on interests, you need a sense of belonging. --Valery Giscard d'Estaing

All Chorus members, singing and backstage, agree to act in accordance with policies set forth in this handbook and with the by-laws adopted by the Board of Directors of the BGMC.

A. Attendance Policy

Eighty percent of success is showing up . —Woody Allen

Attendance at rehearsals is the most important contribution you make to our musical success. Rehearsals are where we come together, receive instruction from the Artistic Director, listen to one another, and form ourselves into one unified choral ensemble. This happens best when all are present.

Obviously, work and family conflicts will arise. Illness or other personal difficulties may interfere with your ability to attend


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