BGMC Handbook 2013

rehearsals. Our attendance policy seeks to balance the chorus’s need to have you present with your need for flexibility when schedule conflicts occur. The purpose is to treat all singers fairly as we strive to prepare as a group for our performances. ● What if I need to miss a rehearsal or arrive late? If you must miss a rehearsal or arrive late, please alert your section leader as soon as possible. This keeps him informed with what’s happening in his section and enables him to keep you up to date. If you miss a rehearsal, please make a special effort to attend the next sectional practice. Repeated tardiness or early departures from rehearsal will be counted against your attendance. ● How many rehearsals can I miss? Attendance at 80% of regular rehearsals is necessary in order to perform in each concert. A regular rehearsal is defined as any rehearsal that takes place before Production Week. Specific numbers of rehearsals and allowed absences will be provided with each semester’s rehearsal schedule, enclosed in your music folder. ● Production week rehearsals A Production Week rehearsal is defined as any rehearsal that takes place during the week leading up to any major concert series. It is a crucial stage in every major concert series. Attendance at all Production Week rehearsals is mandatory. ● Attendance at concerts If you plan to sing in a major concert series, you must be able to attend all 3 performances. This is important to the individual sections and the unity of the chorus as a whole. ● What if special circumstances affect my attendance? For an attendance policy to be meaningful it has to be applied evenly and fairly. That said, fairness might require that special


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