BGMC Handbook 2013

circumstances be taken into consideration. If you anticipate something that could interfere with rehearsals, consult with your section leader as soon as possible. Section leaders, the Artistic Director, and the Board of Directors will work with as much flexibility as possible to accommodate those who make a good faith effort to attend rehearsals and prepare for concert performances.

B. Dues Policy

● Dues Dues are set by the board and are subject to change based on the financial obligations of the organization. Dues for all BGMC members, both singing and backstage, are $60 per semester. Please submit all payments to the dues & attendance secretary. Checks should be made out to BGMC. Payment deadline Payment in full is expected within 30 days of the first rehearsal. We call these 30 days the grace period. After 30 days, if dues are not paid in full and arrangements have not been made, the member will incur an additional charge of $10. ● Installment payments If you are unable to pay your dues in one lump sum, you may work out a payment plan with the dues secretary. Please set up your payment plan within the 30-day grace period. ● Financial assistance We do not want anyone to leave the chorus because of financial challenges. If you cannot afford your dues, please speak with the dues secretary about financial assistance. All conversations with the dues secretary will be kept confidential. 


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