BGMC Handbook 2013

As members of the BGMC, we are ambassadors for the organization. Our conduct reflects upon the chorus's reputation and influences its ability to attract new members, concert patrons, and financial supporters. Accordingly, we conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner during all chorus functions and strive for a culture of mutual respect. Members of the chorus shall refrain from any disruptive activity during chorus functions. ● Be a member in good standing The bylaws of the BGMC define a member in good standing as someone who has met the financial and conduct policies and responsibilities written by the Board of Directors and the Artistic Director. ● Attendance is essential You are important to the success of the BGMC and we value your participation in the chorus. Your chorus team depends on you to be at rehearsal to get the job done. Absenteeism and tardiness create problems for your Artistic Director, your section, and your chorus.

● Rehearse your music

The only thing better than singing is more singing. --Ella Fitzgerald

The Artistic Director usually asks you to practice your music at home during the week. Please do so. When asked to memorize music, you will have steady progress by working on it between rehearsals. Remember, MP3 files of each part are available in the Singer section of our website.


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