BGMC Handbook 2013

E. Rehearsal Conduct

Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway. --Emory Austin

Each of us is responsible for the tone and mood at rehearsals. The atmosphere is more pleasant when we:

● Respect the Artistic Director’s decisions regarding the tempo, breath markings, or dynamic phrasing of a piece ● Understand that talking and whispering are distracting and interfere with other singers’ concentration and progress ● Refrain from negative comments, even when the guy in the next seat makes the same mistake several times in a row ● Use our powers to heal and not harm

Singers, please:

● Be punctual for rehearsals ● Be prepared both vocally and physically ● Listen to your section leader’s advice ● Wear your name tag ● Bring a pencil

● Turn off or silence all hand-held devices ● No texting or cell-phone use. Seriously. ● Step outside of the rehearsal room for emergency calls ● Turn the pages of your music quietly ● Limit announcements to break time ● Pitch in when it is your section’s turn to bring snacks and clean up after rehearsal ● Put your chair away after each rehearsal ● And finally, no cologne, please At rehearsals, announcements will be delivered by a board member or a delegate chosen by the board. If you have an announcement, please deliver it to the announcer before the


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