BGMC Handbook 2013

beginning of rehearsal. Items not meeting announcement criteria may be forwarded to the membership via the eBlast .

Dress rehearsals The purpose of a dress rehearsal is to prepare the chorus for a performance in a specific venue. We do not wear tuxedos or concert apparel at dress rehearsals. The Artistic Director and/or chorus marshals line up and move singers on and off stage in a professional and orderly manner, ensuring that we are appealing and attractive while on stage. Arrange your music in concert order before the dress rehearsal  Quietly pay attention to and quietly follow directions from the Artistic Director or marshal  Remember your place in the line-up and on the risers  Remember who is standing next to you  Honor our deadlines for turning in ticket money and unsold tickets Singers, please:  After rehearsals After most rehearsals, many singers gather at a one of the local restaurants (usually Mythos or Pano’s on Elmwood) to socialize over a bite to eat and get caught up with what’s happening in the chorus. Please, please join us!

F. Performance Conduct

For our audience, concert enjoyment is about combined vocal and visual performance. A concert CD may sound flawless but a live performance offers much more pleasure.

And like it or not, an audience judges a choral performance on


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